Fun With Lasagna

Carl is forced to take anger management classes, after hitting a prostitute, who bit off part of his tongue. while there, he strikes up a friendship with Lance, the “Scam Wow” guy. Carl is under house arrest, and has to wear a collar monitor. there’s also an electric fence set up around his house, preventing him from leaving the premises. this only complicates matters, as Master Shake tempts him with a pan of his famous four-cheese lasagna. with Lance’s help, Carl tries to get the lasagna. but all Lance’s advice are just plugs for his shitty warez.

netflix: 4/5
imdb: 9/10

America’s #1 comedian, America’s $1 comedian, Neil Hamburger, will guest star in Sunday’s season finale. I will be back next week with my season 8 recap. this could be the best season ever!



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