CM Punk Confronts Triple H At Comic-Con

the darling of the IWC, CM Punk, showed up to the WWE panel at Comic-Con. he had a pretty good back-and-forth with Triple H. highlights include Punk telling Trips that he knows how to find him, b/c Stephanie has his number. he also asked Trips when he was going to put Zack Ryder on tv. huge “CM Punk” chants from the audience when he enters and leaves the conference room.

Trips has apparently taken over for Vinman, in a move that drew interest from a CNBC commentator, who wondered if it would negatively affect WWE’s stock. any publicity is good publicity, when it comes to wrasslin’, so I must give propz to WWE for this worked shoot, at one of the biggest conventions of the year.

CM Punk left with the WWE title, after beating John Cena at Money In The Bank. while it’s obvious Punk has re-signed, he probably won’t be back on tv for a while. RAW crowns a new champion this Monday, as Rey Mysterio goes up against The Miz for the “vacant” WWE title. with Sin Cara currently serving a 30-day suspension for a Wellness Policy violation, Mysterio is in line for a huge push. I think he beats The Miz for the title. maybe Punk comes back at WrestleMania 28, to unify the titles against whoever the WWE champ is at the time.



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