I Spent The Day In Shady Grove With My Financial Advisor

three Blue Moons
three shots of Bacardi 151
one 22-oz. Heineken tallboy

he’s got a really cool parrot named Kiki, he bought for $150. apparently, this is a bargain price. it’s quite a lovely bird. the technical term is a Sun Conure. it’s a mixture of green and red. she took to me rather quickly, biting my ear, and attempted to bite my glasses. she chilled on my shoulder, whilst I casually downed a shot of Bacardi, and then feigned as if she was going to take a dump.

we discussed penny stocks, and he showed me his portfolio. he says he’ll be buying a new car, once Sirius reaches $3. that’ll be a nice chunk-a-change, considering he bought it when it was just under $1.

we talked at great length about Ultimate Surrender. I put over all the models, saying that my explicit goal was to work with the best. his interest in the site was peaked, after I emailed him some choice photos, of my shoot in Vegas. it seems like he’s finally starting to take an interest in my ideas.

we watched several episodes of Bad Girls Club. I have no idea what the point of the show is, but when u put hot chicks with bitchy attitudes and egos the size of Burbury, CT in the same house, u can’t help but just sit back and watch the sparks fly.

riding Metro from Arlington to Shady Grove made me realize how much I hate the commute. when I was on my way back on the Red Line, I counted no fewer than six women I wouldn’t have minded exchanging bodily fluids with in an unsanitary manner, but alas, I was too busy rocking out to Atari Teenage Riot on my Droid. I don’t own an iPod, b/c I don’t see a point.


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