Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, Season 8 Recap

new name, new theme song, new location, and this was arguably the best season ever.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force became Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1. this was the first season where the theme song wasn’t performed by rapper, Schooly D. Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Alain Johannes collaborated on the new theme song. the show relocated from south Jersey to Seattle.

Allen Part One
Master Shake freezes himself nine years into the future in order to wake up in a new time where more crime takes place.
netflix: 4/5
imdb: 9/10

Episode 1

Allen Part Two
Master Shake tries to find the rest of the Aqua Unit Patrol Squad, and investigates the lightning striking down evil-doers in the future.
netflix: 4/5
imdb: 9/10

Episode 2

Carl, in his first appearance of this season, likes to drive while inebriated, and he continues to do so by any means necessary even if it means running in to the same officer of the law.
netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10

Episode 3

Freedom Cobra
Master Shake acquires a tattoo of a snake called “Freedom Cobra” to get laid. This plan is futile; instead the cobra commands Shake to eat their dog, Carl, and to cut off a doctor’s hands.
netflix: 4/5
imdb: 9/10

Episode 4

The Creditor
Shake tells his psychologist about an unusual experience.
netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10

Episode 5

The Squad may have stumbled upon the cure for a vampire-inducing virus.
netflix: 4/5
imdb: 9/10

Episode 6

Frylock’s new smartphone causes disastrous levels of apathy.
netflix: 4/5
imdb: 9/10

Episode 7

Jumpy George
Shake and Carl date the same woman simultaneously.
netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10

Episode 8

see my review posted on July 20. pretty sure I gave it a perfect score.

Episode 9

Last Dance For Napkin Lad
Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 wrapped their 8th season on Sunday nite, with an episode more befitting of their action-packed intro. the Aqua Teens (or are they Aqua Units now?) are involved in some super-secret spy activities. it turns out Carl has been tracking them for the last 10 years. double-crosses abound, as you’re never quite sure who’s working with who. Napkin Lad, originally pitched as an Aqua Teen character in the Space Ghost episode “Baffler Meal” but later rejected, makes an appearance. Kill Dummy (from season 5 episode “Dummy Love”) appears in the background of the opening scene, as camera 04.
netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10

Episode 10


due to time constraints, and for purposes of not having to go back and jog my memory, I took the episode synopses of 1-9 from wikipedia.



Master Shake


main title

Season 9 has been confirmed, and two scripts have already been written. I thought Neil Hamburger was supposed to appear in season 8, but I don’t think it happened.

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