The Smiley Face

Larry becomes the Captain of the SS Shit Where You Eat, when he starts dating the hostess at his favourite restaurant. Larry gets a new neighbour in his office building (Harry Hamlin of LA Law) but drama unfolds, when Larry makes the mistake of giving him a kitchen cabinet. Larry becomes disorganized, due to his assistant going on leave, to visit her ailing father. he passes away, on the one day she comes back to the office, to help Larry get re-organized.

Larry causes more controversy, when he tells Richard Lewis that he was late for their luncheon, b/c Dr. Rivkin (Michael Gross of Family Ties) made him wait 45 minutes for his appointment. Larry and Jeff get invited to dinner with another couple, but Jeff’s excuse backfires, causing Susie to think he’s having an affair. fans of the show, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, will recognize Jo Anne Worley, as Larry’s assistant’s mother. funny episode, even tho it was somewhat formulaic.

netflix: 3/5
imdb: 6/10



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