Summer Vengeance V – Week 10 – Ariel X vs. Rain DeGrey

THE CHAMP IS HERE!!! Ariel X, once and future champion is back to reclaim her throne. after losing to Vendetta in last year’s 1/2 finals, she steamrolled thru the regular season, winning her three matches by a combined score of 1505-31. she enters as the #2 seed. she is one of two women to compete in every Summer Vengeance. she is one of three women to achieve the triple crown of Ultimate Surrender (regular season, Summer Vengeance, and tag team titles) she is The Whole Fuckin’ Show!

Rain DeGrey continues her ascent up the ladder at Ultimate Surrender. last season’s “Rookie of the Year” has already established herself as a force in the mid-card. she went 2-0 this season, and defeated Chloe Camilla in her second round match. she comes into this match with a 15-lb. weight advantage, and a 6″ height advantage.

this match was filmed one week prior to our epic training session in Vegas on King Diamond Appreciation Day. I knew AX won, but it was pretty awesome to hear her talk about the way she worked over Rain. racking her in submission after submission; forcing her to cum on the mat from some furious finger-fucking; giving her asshole a thorough pounding in round 4. as we parted ways, I told AX that she would win Summer Vengeance, and she said “of course I will.” BEST VACATION EVER!!!


the 1/2 finals are going to be filmed on August 10. did anyone catch last nite’s live tag team match? feel free to post spoilers here…


11 Responses to “Summer Vengeance V – Week 10 – Ariel X vs. Rain DeGrey”

  1. Joe Says:

    Looking forward to seeing it. Rain’s always worth a watch, especially when she opens up her backdoor.

  2. arikh Says:

    as you (huepow) said it : THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!
    can’t admire Ariel X enough. I have so much admiration for her.
    you came super close with the score you suggested before the match!

    we have only 4 more matches before SV ends…

    12.8 : Darling vs Mahina – Darling wins
    19.8 : Bella vs Darling – 45-55
    26.8 : Ariel vs Cheyenne – Ariel wins
    2.9 : Ariel vs Darling/Bella – Ariel wins her 2nd championship!


    about last night’s live tag team (spoilers):

    Rain & Chloe (red)
    Mahina & Iona (blue)

    red team were in the lead throughout the match. the margin was less than 50 pts by the end of the 2nd round, but a better use of tags made them increase their margin till the end of the match to about 200 pts, more or less.

    Rain dominated all of her battles. her aggressive style and size advantage helped her even against Mahina, who has a much calmer style.
    Rain won this battle, but I’m not sure who’ll win in a 1 on 1 match.

    Iona and Chloe were even, that is in the very few moments they’ve wrestled each other.
    but overall I’d give Iona even more points than Chloe. it seemed to me Chloe was on the mat much less time than the others. she was scared of Mahina and ran to tag Rain in a second. moreover, in the 3rd round, she was barely 1 minute alone on the mat.

    personally, I didn’t like red team’s strategy, which in the partners are far far from even. the captain is in for 80% of the time while the side kick barely 20% of it.

    I thought that the new concept of the tag team, without the elites, will avoid that excat problem of too dominant captains and too frightened side kicks. hope next time will be better.

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    I agree that Ariel would beat Darling. However, I’m hoping that Bella will be in the final. Her 155 lb bod against AX’s 109lbs is a huge weight difference. What do they say? A good big un always beats a good little un? Or in this case, a good big un smothers a good little un with her tits and gets two fingers in her pussy for long periods of Rd3.

  4. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Bella vs. Darling – if this were an Academy style match, I’d say Darling would be the overwhelming favourite. but since this is US, I give a slight edge to Bella. outcome will probably be decided by 75 points or less.

    AX vs. Cheyenne – they’ve wrestled everywhere else, and AX has gotten the better of her each time. Cheyenne picked up quickly on the US style, and will be a future champion. but for now, this is AX time.

    AX vs. Bella – a true test of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. Bella won’t go down without a fight, but she will go down. Bella will hang for the first two rounds, but AX will kick it up to a whole new level in round 3, and Bella will be out of pace.

    of course, knowing my luck, Darling and Cheyenne will win 🙂

    thx for the update on the tag match, arikh! judging from your recap, Mahina would’ve won, had TLF not dropped out. not surprised to hear that Rain controlled the majority of the action. Chloe is definitely the most green of the four. I admire her effort, but she still has a lot of room to improve for next season. I hope Matt will come up with tag matches that feature more established vets.

  5. Ringmaster Says:

    I think you’re wrong about Bella. If she can conserve her energy over the first two rounds, her sheer bulk will wear Ariel down as both inevitably tire in the latter stages. She will finish the match with her snatch clamped over AX’s face and a finger in her pussy.

  6. arikh Says:


    Ariel would beat either of Darling or Bella.
    personally, I’m more afraid of Darling than Bella. Darling is more complete wrestler, got high level skills, and infact she defeated my Ariel two years ago in the one round of Royal Madness.

    you can’t hold down Ariel with weight and strength only, you got to have elite skills too, and Bella still doesn’t have that.

    Ariel is getting better all the time, she works out more than anyone and it shows in her stamina and now she’s even gain a lot of muscles and strength. no one can stop her now.


  7. arikh Says:

    I think you’re wrong about both Bella and the legendary Ariel X.

    Bella was the underdog against Dragon (though I knew she could win, as Dragon is kind of a soft elite). she will be the underdog against Darling (whos better than the Dragon) and most certainly she would be the underdog against former and future champ, whos at her maybe best shape ever!

    so any talks about Bella being the favorite in a possible match with Ariel are unrealistic.
    not to mention she still have to beat another proven elite whos ranked higher than her prior to that…

    on a side not, about wearing down, remember last SV, Darling got wore down against Ariel just after 4 minutes. and Darling is in top shape, much more than Bella. so expect Bella to tire up even sooner against Ariel.

    but what are we talking about ? let’s wait and see if she can pull another upset against Darling, before even considering her chances against the champ.

  8. arikh Says:

    today are the 2 semi finals!

    1.Ariel X vs Cheyenne Jewel

    the match already been shot a few hours ago.

    Ariel tweeted some blury stuff after it:
    “I think I could have done better today alas my competition was extremely good and fought s goid fight so things didn’t go exactly as planned”

    it’s blury alright, but I still think she won this match.

    anyone who have his own interpertation for her words is welcome…

    2. Bella Rossi vs Darling (Mahina ?)

    the match is taking place right now…

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      it sounds as tho AX won, but maybe by not as much as she thought she would. it’s probably just her way of giving props to Cheyenne for a helluva match. HOWEVER, I still leave open the possibility that Cheyenne pulled the upset.

      that would be pretty crazy if Mahina defeated Darling. if she did, I’d say she has a better than average shot of beating Bella.

      Mahina-Cheyenne in the finals?!? no one would’ve predicted that…

  9. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    I still think theres no way cheyenne cam beat ariel x. Shes a steam roller. But what she twitted confuses me. Things didnt go exactly as planned. What does this mean? She didnt win as planned? She also felt the power of cheyenne… Ive seen ariel take down cheyenne for academy and Bella twitted confusing things too about her match with dragon. Hinting she had lost. She even twitted watch dragon kick my ass on todays update. I dont know what to beloeve anymore. Cheyenne winning is a huge upset and if she did shes going to win it all.

  10. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    Theres no way mahina beat darling. Bella faced her in the semis.

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