Summer Vengeance V – Week 11 – Darling vs. Mahina Zaltana

Darling is arguably the best wrestler, to have never won Summer Vengeance. along with AX, she is the only other woman to have competed in every Summer Vengeance (5-4) she has advanced to the 1/2 final round, in three of her previous four appearances. she went 3-0 in the regular season, winning her three matches by a combined total of 2320-31. she went straight thru to the 1/4 final round, as the #4 seed.

Mahina “Freezing Moon” Zaltana was the best pure rookie to come out of season 8. she lost both of her regular season matches, but now finds herself on a two-match winning streak, following wins over Serena Blair and Sara Jay. Mahina is on a short list of double-digit seeds (Devi Lynne, Madison Young, Amber Rayne) to make it to the 1/4 final round. she is looking to become the first to advance to the next stage.

Mahina could muster no offense, as Darling overwhelmed her from the start. a combination of brutal submission holds, and finger-fucking, left Mahina helpless on the mat. Darling rolled to a 506-6 win. it was a helluva run for Mahina, who should be a force in the mid-card, come next season. ain’t no shame in getting beat by a legend! for Darling, this is her fourth trip to the 1/2 final round. will this be the year she finally wins it all?

these could be the best 1/2 final pairings we’ve ever had. in terms of the match-ups, both feature wrestlers of similar build, styles, and experience. two wrestlers who have been here before against two that haven’t.

DARLING vs. BELLA – in an Academy style match, Darling would be the overwhelming favourite. Bella’s size advantage will push Darling’s endurance to the limit. while we do give Darling the nod in terms of overall skillset, we are picking Bella to knock off her second straight Big 4 opponent, by 75 points or less.

ARIEL X VS. CHEYENNE – the two best pound-for-pound wrestlers in the industry today. they are also two of the most well-conditioned athletes on the site. I haven’t looked forward to a match this much since AX vs. Dia in the 1/2 final round, two years ago. we are picking AX to win, BUT, wouldn’t be surprised if Cheyenne pulls the upset. whoever wins this match, is our pick to win Summer Vengeance.




4 Responses to “Summer Vengeance V – Week 11 – Darling vs. Mahina Zaltana”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Looks like Mahina is not as straight as we thought, judging by her willingness to stick her tongue up Darling’s ass. Maybe she just didn’t fancy Sara Jay’s sweaty, well used bod. On this performance (and based on her work with Isis in the previous rounds) Mahina could stake a claim to be the sluttiest wrestler currently on the roster. Perhaps even THE sluttiest since Amber Rayne. Look forward to seeing her fight and fuck next season.

  2. arikh Says:

    the new season (9th) start shooting today.

    Ariel X vs newcomer Cici Rhodes (kinklive girl).

    her stats are 5’10” and 150 lbs, real big girl, good looking.

    can’t wait to see the newbies of the upcoming season. if somebody knows of other new girls, please do share…

  3. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    yeah, I just did a google search for Cici Rhodes. looks like a total MILF! I’m sure Ariel gave her a good pounding in round 4.

    nothing is confirmed until they actually wrestle, but noobz I have heard for next season include Akira Rayne, Skin Diamond, and Kait Snow. Matt confirmed that he has kissed and made up with Holly Heart, so she’ll be back in season 9.

    • arikh Says:

      skin diamond ?? wow!!! she’s one of the hottest girls alive, alongside Gia Dimarco. wish to see these two battle it out.

      can you tell me what is the source of skin diamond wrestling for US ?

      Akira Rayne is very cute. could be nice recruit.

      Holly Heart had the biggest potential last season, even more than Rain Degrey. but now she has missed a season, so her progress got couple of steps backward. also, she seems less musclar and a bit out of shape comparing to her form before she left.

      another name I’m pretty sure will be this season is Dana Vixen. she have said on many occasions, that she’s going to wrestle in this upcoming season.

      other girls who’ve mentioned their will to wrestle for US are Kaylee hilton, Candy Manson, Sensi Pearl and more.
      hope it’ll happen for these three.

      apperantley, Cici was suposed to wrestle Serena Blair, while Ariel was suposed to wrestle some other girl, but unfortunatley that girl got/was injured.

      this unknown girl could have been another newb for next season, or maybe it should have been Darling/Bella for the final of SV…?

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