The Hero Episode

the episode picks up, where the previous one left off. Larry is on a flight to New York with Jeff and Susie. Larry becomes a hero, when he inadvertently subdues a drunk passenger. only Jeff and Susie know the real reason behind Larry’s bravery, but it still manages to impress the woman Larry is sitting next to.

while at lunch, an eavesdropping waiter overhears Larry and Jeff talking about Ricky Gervais, who is sitting at the next table. the waiter ends up ordering a $300 bottle of wine for Ricky, on Larry’s behalf.

Larry runs into Ricky at Jeff and Susie’s dinner party. Larry finds it weird that Ricky brought a signed copy of his Extras tv show. Susie refers to it as the best show on tv, which prompts Larry to mention Seinfeld. Larry asks Ricky if he had any reservations about accepting his $300 bottle of wine, and Ricky says no, b/c it was a gift. as a gesture of goodwill, Ricky says he will leave a ticket to his Broadway play, for Larry, at the box office.

Larry is unhappy with the seating arrangement at the dinner party, b/c they split up the couples. in an attempt to elevate small-talk to medium-talk, Larry asks the man sitting next to him (Chris Parnell of SNL and Archer), about his marriage. Susie ends up blowing Larry’s cover about his act of bravery on the plane, which costs him his girlfriend.

Larry attends Ricky’s play, but is unhappy that he has to pay for the ticket that Ricky left for him. Larry wants to sit on the aisle, and spends the entire play arguing with Jeff and Susie, which distracts Ricky. after the play, Larry gets into an argument with Ricky about the ticket. as they are leaving, Larry is confronted by the wife of the man who he was discussing their marriage with.

back at the restaurant, Larry and Jeff meet up with the eavesdropping waiter again. this time, the waiter blabs to Ricky that they were the ones making the commotion at the play, costing Jeff the chance to represent Ricky. Larry asks Ricky if he’s been talking with his ex-girlfriend, which leads to one of the show’s trademark staredowns.

later that night, Larry spots Ricky in the subway with his ex-girlfriend. Larry is presented with a chance at redemption, but things never go according to plan.

netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10

Ricky Gervais

editors note: the reason why Jeff and Susie were flying to New York was b/c their daughter got into Juilliard, yet she wasn’t on the flight, and didn’t appear in the episode. I just thought it was kinda weird.

judging from the previews for next week’s episode, Leon is back! Rosie O’Donnell guest stars…


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