Black Dynamite: [adult swim] Animated Pilot Review

[adult swim] premiered the animated pilot for Black Dynamite on their website last week. the show is based on the movie of the same name, which saw a theatrical release in 2009. it was written by, and stars Michael Jai White (Spawn) the movie is based on the black exploitation films of the 1970s. White plays the lead role of Black Dynamite, a vigilante out to clean up his old neighbourhood, which has been corrupted by “The Man”

the show is a continuation of the movie plot. Black Dynamite enlists the help of his posse to clean up a case of muppets gone bad. Tommy Davidson (In Living Color, Booty Call) reprises his role as Cream Corn, from the movie. JB Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm) plays, That Frog Kurtis, the leader of the muppet gang, who uses his role as a tv celebrity, to recruit an army of kindergarten-aged criminals.

according to [adult swim] the show has been greenlit for a slate of 13 episodes, which will begin airing sometime in 2012. this is an 11-minute episode, but I could definitely see this expanding to a traditional 22-minute show. to anyone who has seen the pilot, I highly recommend watching the movie, if u haven’t already.

imdb: 4/5
netflix: 8/10

Black Dynamite


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