Summer Vengeance V – 1/2 FINAL # 1 – Darling vs. Bella Rossi

Bella Rossi is looking to pick off her second straight “Big 4” opponent; this is her first trip to the 1/2 final round. Darling is a future Hall-of-Famer, who has competed in every Summer Vengeance; in four previous appearances, she’s made the 1/2 finals three times, but never advanced past this stage. this is a rematch of their 1/4 final contest in 2009.

for the second straight match, Bella Rossi is the beneficiary of an opponent, who was felled by an injury. Darling had the early run of the match, up 40-0, but then rolled an ankle. she finished the round, but was unable to continue after that. to add insult to injury, she got fucked in round 4. Bella was ahead 76-42, at the time.

even tho Bella was leading, they only went one round. this match was taped nine days ago. my question is, do u think there was enough time to re-schedule, and finish this match? assuming Cheyenne vs. Ariel X did not end in injury, could they have switched dates, and aired the AX-Cheyenne match first? I have no idea of the inner workings of booking talent, but it’s disappointing that a match of this magnitude ended the way it did.

I don’t wanna take anything away from Bella, b/c she is one of the top-flight competitors, and deserves her spot in the finals. I can’t help but think Darling was robbed by circumstance. a controversial ending, if ever there was one.

Bella vs. Darling


17 Responses to “Summer Vengeance V – 1/2 FINAL # 1 – Darling vs. Bella Rossi”

  1. arikh Says:

    first, corection: I think the actual injury of the ankle was in the very start of the match, 15 seconds from it, to be accurate.
    for the first couple of minutes Darling seemed to be over it, with a 40-0 lead. at that point, I didn’t see something happening, so it probably the injury of the start of the match which kicked Darling from that point on. and the rest is known.

    overall, it’s so disappointing for the members, and Darling ofcourse…
    4 semi finals, without getting even once to the final! this time should have been her 1st final. such a bad luck.


    speaking of injuries, as long as Ariel is healthy – she’ll win this SV, no doubt.

    now, I hope they’ve already shot the final, cause apperantley Ariel got broken toes from her match yesterday.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    IF Ariel beat Cheyenne, I don’t know why Matt would put her in a season 9 match, with the final still to be wrestled. broken toes are a lot more painful, than rolling an ankle.

    there is already plenty of discussion about AX-Cheyenne, including Matt’s pointed comments at Academy, where he insinuates that a lot of their matches are pre-determined.

    I am still not 100% convinced that AX won. I just hope both ladies managed to avoid injury.

    • arikh Says:

      as I was saying, Ariel’s opponent was suposed to be somebody else, could have been Bella. but that original opponent couldn’t fight Ariel that day, so since Ariel already got to SF, they let her fight Cici Rhodes.
      no one can say if she was suposed to have the final of SV against Bella or a regular season’s match against another girl.
      so there’s no evidence here for Ariel’s loosing to Cheyenne.

      Ariel’s tweetings and blog’s posts were speaking much of her dissapointment she felt after her match with Cheyenne, what made us suspect she might have lost that match.

      but, in her recent blog post she talks about her healing toes, just before “a big match on monday”. she also adds she won’t pull out of this match no matter what, despite this toe injury… my bet is she was suposed to have the final against Bella the other day, and they’ve reschedule it for monday.

    • arikh Says:

      here’s that recent blog post:

  3. Joe Says:

    Darling WAS robbed. Fatty makes it to the final because two opponents get injured. Brilliant. If Ariel was injured before the final as well (assuming she won) this might be the worst SV ever.

  4. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    AX commented in the discussion thread for her upcoming match with Cheyenne. she put over Cheyenne, while hinting that she beat her. my crack research staff tells me that this is the first time, that a wrestler has commented in a discussion thread, about their own match.

    • arikh Says:

      more evidences for Ariel’s win:
      Holly Heart tweeted she wants Bella to win today at US.
      that means today is the final of SV.
      that also most certainly verifyes that the match Ariel was talking about “big match on monday” is this – the final against Bella.
      Ariel tweeted this morning on a very causal manner that she’s flying to beat up a hottie…

      for me, it’s clear already.

      but if I can find out also what Cheyenne is doing today, that could also give more evidence.

  5. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    Ariel just tweeted that bella is the strongestnwrestler she has faced amd she wasnt prepared for this. Now we know for sure who won the semis. Do you think bella could finger and smother ariel just like she did to dragon? I just dont see her running out of gas fornthat to happen. She trains like crazy. I also no longer trust ariels tweets. She hinted she might have lost vs cheyenne and won… Lets see what hapoens on the finak. I still think ariel x is the champ.

    • arikh Says:

      you got that right!
      Ariel made all of us think she might have lost to Cheyenne, by praising her a lot, even too much.
      now she’s doing it with Bella too.

      Ariel is no Dragon. she won’t get fingered unless there are four guys holding her hands and legs…

      Ariel was never the strongest, biggest or fastest. she also hasn’t the most spectacular skills. she’s simply the best by her heart and determinition.
      Bella tweeted before the match a pic of her taking last puff. you can bet she ran out of her by the end of the first round. Bella has tommorow a show on kinklive, it’ll be interesting to see if she got some bruises.

      • arikh Says:

        p.s. huepow, shame on you, not beilieving in our champ! have some faith!

      • celticfrostedflakes Says:

        hahaha, good catch! AX is my Ultimate Surrender BFF, and I did pick her on my blog. I picked Cheyenne on the forums, b/c I knew everyone else would pick AX. I guess the only thing up for debate is who AX defeated by the wider margin.

  6. arikh Says:

    yea, heupow, this is the kind of debates I like, about the margins. or is other words, who gave Ariel a tougher match ? Cheyenne “she is my most feared combatant” Jewell ? or Bella “the strongest wrestler I have ever gone against” Rossi ? I’ll wait after her match against Cheyenne to guess that.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      my guess:
      Bella takes early lead on AX after round 1. Bella feels lead slipping during round 2. AX kicks up to a whole ‘nutha level in round 3, and leaves Bella a wet, sopping mess for round 4. AX by approx. 250
      AX gets the jump on Cheyenne, and never trails. Cheyenne keeps it close, but in the end, falls to AX by around 100 points.

  7. arikh Says:

    upcoming season news and matches:
    1. Ariel X vs Cici Rhodes (filmed last week)
    2. Rain Degrey vs Holly Heart (filmed yesterday)
    3. Serena Blair vs Sensi Pearl (yesterday)

    also, next week another new recruit supose to have her debut :
    4. Gia Dimarco vs Shae Simone


    * guess Ariel X’s match will be the one opening the season. she did opened season 7, right after winning the SV. maybe this time again.

    * Rain vs Holly !! the match between the two best rookies last season. unfortunately, Holly didn’t continue her progress this season, so I guess Rain has the advantage.
    I still hope Holly kept what she’ve learn and win this.

    * after her hard defeat against Mahina, Serena gets to school a newb. good for her. Sensi Pearl is a wonderful beautiful petite little girl, can’t get enough of those (Gia, Emma, Ashley Jane, Rosemary…). hope she learn and show fighting spirit, and after that I wish to put her against one of the other petite girls.

    * Gia “the sexiest girl alive” Dimarco !! Shae Simone has a great body as well. two very sexy girls. the match I’m waiting for so far.
    would love seeing here an upset. Gia got to punish this season the two skinniest girls on the roster, on their debut matches. again she gets a little newb on her debut, hope this time this Shae dominate her.
    Gia’s perfect body is shown way better while she’s being dominated.

    • Joe Says:

      Holly Heart is back? I thought when she pulled out of Tag Team just before the final last year Matt said he wouldn’t have her back again?

  8. arikh Says:

    Matt replied to a member who was asking your question, that some gets a second chance.

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