Two Kids, One Hall, No Problem

Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald, better known as 2/5 of the comedy troupe, The Kids In The Hall, brought their comedy tour to Arlington, VA. as Scott put it, “you’re more than just a cemetery!”

Dave Foley was here not too long ago. Scott made reference to him several times during the show. he asked the audience what Dave’s show was like. some woman yelled out “terrible” Scott made the glug-glug motion, referring to Dave as an alcoholic. he also brought up Dave’s ex-wife, saying everything Dave said about her, was true. Kevin said that Bruce McCulloch has a small mouth, leading Scott to chime in that it was “big enough” all u Mark McKinney fans might be disappointed to hear that he was not mentioned.

Scott talked about the Death Comes To Town eight-part special they did a coupla years ago. he said his comeback was balanced out by his non-Hodgkins lymphoma. he talked about how if u see a bald black woman, ppl think she’s fierce, but if u see a bald white woman, the first thing u think of is cancer. his first set was mostly about racial stereotypes. he talked about how white ppl are always afraid to laugh at racially sensitive jokes. he used words like “coon” which is his mother’s maiden name. he used the word “mulatto” which he wishes would make a comeback. he talked about the time he was in the Philippines, and he met a racist tour guide, who hated the Japanese. so, he would give Japanese tourists the bad horses, who would throw their riders off. his second set was all about COCK. circumcision jokes, masturbating to pictures of Uday Hussein. he compared moils to pedophiles. he talked about how his father used to make him and his brothers strip down to their underwear and wrestle in the living room, as a a way to tire them out for sleep. he talked about the time on the last tour, when he fell off the stage in San Francisco, and had to be rushed to the hospital. the paramedics relayed that they had “a 49 year-old gay male with severe lower-back trauma” he talked about how kids are fucked up today, and that all kids are “great”, b/c everyone is so politically correct.

Kevin McDonald said his friends were telling him not to do stand-up, b/c he’s more of a sketch comedian. he started both his sets by doing those hackneyed bits, like asking the audience where they’re from, and observational humour, like “did u ever notice?” jokes, and then he would mockingly say, “I’m gonna do this all nite!” he talked about his luggage going to the wrong airport, after he missed his connecting flight, and that he was wearing the same clothes from the day before. he shared a few stories about living with Scott. he talked about the time Scott threw a banana into a fan, and it splattered all over him. he also talked about the apartment fire that started while Scott was masturbating. he did some funny a-capella songs: one where he asked the audience about everyday stuff, like which way he should comb his hair. the other song was about being passive-aggressive. he talked about the time he was an altar boy, and he dropped the cross, and fell down the stairs.. and how afterwards, he did the Chevy Chase “live from New York, it’s Saturday night” bit.

they had a pretty good bit going at the end of the show, where Scott would ask Kevin about the stories he was telling. Kevin would respond by insulting Scott. Scott tries to defend himself, and Kevin would interject with something like “stop booing him!”

we met Scott after the show. he told us Kevin was backstage texting his girlfriend. we didn’t stick around long enough to meet him. they’re doing another show tonite in Arlington. the tour runs from now thru November 20. anyone who has even a remote interest in Kids In The Hall, should definitely check out the show, when it comes to your neck of the woods.

netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10

Scott and Dave

we also found time to watch a few shows:
Childrens Hospital – the staff has to work the night shift, while Blake’s brother films a porno in the hospital. 5/10
Ugly Americans – Mark finds out what his life would be like, if he sold his soul to the devil. 4/8
Adventure Time – an overly-hyper Prince Lemon Grab assumes control of the kingdom. 5/10
Jon Benjamin Has A Van – Jon has his van stolen, and his face burned with acid by black Satanists. 5/10

Adventure Time


2 Responses to “Two Kids, One Hall, No Problem”

  1. Clint Says:

    I don’t remember Children’s Hospital, heh. Fantastic show tho!

  2. tgaw Says:

    Great review, thanks for getting it up so fast!

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