The Bi-Sexual Episode

Larry meets a woman at an art gallery, but it turns out that he is vying with Rosie O’Donnell, for her affection. Larry orders take-out from a Japanese restaurant. the food is not properly secured, which puts a damper on his first date with Jane. she says it’s not a big deal, b/c she had sushi the nite before with Rosie. Leon arrives in New York, and helps Larry out, by giving him some Viagra. after a successful second date with Larry, Jane cancels her Tonys date with Rosie, so she can take him to Cooperstown. Larry accidentally steps on Jane’s shoe, prompting an apology. Larry bows, and a Viagra pill falls out of his pocket. Jane accuses Larry of juicing *insert sad trombone sound effect here*


Larry returns to the restaurant, where he asks the maitre d’ for an apology. he bows to Larry, which Larry is impressed by. but after meeting a group of Japanese tourists, Larry finds out that he received a shit bow. Larry goes back to confront the maitre d’, which leads to an argument over the authenticity of bows. Larry says he’s going to do some research on the internet, and the maitre d’ tells him to check out wikipedia. he tells Larry there are other restaurants he should eat at. Larry declines, saying he likes their food too much, to go somewhere else.


Larry’s “friend” from LA. he asks Larry to go out to lunch, but Larry denies the request, saying they never hung out in LA, so why should they hang out in NYC. Duckstein chokes on a sandwich, and Larry visits him at the hospital. they end up having an impromptu lunch in Duckstein’s room, much to the chagrin of Larry.


netflix: 4/5
imdb: 8/10

“I’m livin’ large! I just had a croissant filled with muthafuckin’ champagne!”


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