Deth Red Sabaoth

the year was 1992, and Danzig was inviting u to end your Dirty Black Summer with him in Germany. this was a contest they had on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. some guy from Utah won it. this was also the last cool thing Riki Rachtman was ever involved with. (unless u count the time he went to that water park in New Jersey with Alice In Chains in 1993)

they spent an entire episode touring around Germany, going to Oktoberfest, castles, etc. Riki spends some time interviewing Glenn and Eerie Von. Glenn is the master of the one-word answer. Eerie says the shows are great, but everything else sucks. if I had to guess, I’d say this promotion was concocted by the record company, and not by the band.

anyways, it’s pretty cool to watch if u like Danzig. this was the August 15, 1992 episode, and for the record I was 14. this is also the first time I had ever heard of Danzig. according to my mother, I’m not as cool as the folks who had heard of him from his Misfits/Samhain days, but I am slightly cooler than ppl who first heard of him after he released the video for a live version of “Mother” on the Thrall: Demonsweatlive EP in 1993.

Danzig released their ninth studio album Deth Red Sabaoth, last year, which is a return to his early works (somewhere between I-III) there was a time when I had given up on Danzig. the last studio album I heard was 6:66 Satan’s Child which came out in 1999. I did pick up The Lost Tracks of Danzig from 2007. even tho this was a two-disc compilation of previously unreleased material, some of it sounds better than songs that made their way onto studio albums. the material was culled from sessions for albums II-VI (1990-1999)

while I was at my best male mate’s house last Firday, “On A Wicked Night” started playing. I guessed it was Danzig, but didn’t know what album it was from. he informed me that that was the worst song on the album, and that Deth Red Sabaoth, was reminiscent of his late ’80s-early ’90s work. he also said that a lot of ppl wrote off Danzig long ago, and that they were missing out some great music. I started listening to it this week, and it’s very good. my personal favourites are “Hammer of the Gods” “Ju Ju Bone” and “Night Star Hel” if I don’t count The Lost Tracks album, then it’s his best work since 6:66. I like it better than V: Blackacidevil, and 4p. a lot of ppl give me grief when I tell them How The Gods Kill is the best. but u find me a woman who can resist the allure when I’ve had a bit to drink, and I start crooning “Sistinas” like Dickie Moist once told me “I can’t even describe it!”

I’m including video from the DBS episode of Headbangers Ball in ’92. it’s a four-part interview, which u can link to from part 1. credit to youtube user, DoyleTalbot, for u/l these gems, enjoy!

netflix: 4/5
imdb: 9/10

Deth Red Sabaoth


One Response to “Deth Red Sabaoth”

  1. Clint Says:

    I like The Revengeful too.. they just overdid the pinch harmonics (“Beeps” as Carolyn called them), Christ sounds like Zakk Wylde there…

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