Summer Vengeance V – 1/2 FINAL # 2 – Ariel X vs. Cheyenne Jewel

for the first time since the Showdown at the Stratosphere on King Diamond Appreciation Day, the two best pound-for-pound wrestlers in the business today, renew acquaintances. Ariel X and Cheyenne Jewel have wrestled on various other sites, and now, they take their rivalry to Ultimate Surrender. a spot in the championship round of the granddaddy of all lesbian sexfight tournaments is on the line.

Ariel X is the champion of Summer Vengeance III. she has competed in every Summer Vengeance tournament, and is a triple crown winner. season 7 ended in disappointment, with a loss to Vendetta, in the 1/2 finals. she spent season 8 polishing her skillz, by punishing noobz, resulting in a 3-0 record. as the #2 seed, she received a bye straight thru to the 1/4 final round, where she took down last season’s rookie of the year, Rain DeGrey. this season has been all about AX reclaiming her spot at the top of the ladder, and becoming the first wrestler to win two Summer Vengeance championships.

Cheyenne Jewel may be a rookie to Ultimate Surrender, but she has five years experience, coming in. her first season at US couldn’t have gone much better. two matches, two wins (including one over seasoned veteran, Wenona) she was raked 6th, getting a bye to the second round, where she made short work of Jessie Cox. an injury to the #1 seed, Dia Zerva, sent her thru to the 1/2 finals. Cheyenne is projected to be 3rd, heading into next season. it’s only a matter of time, before she joins AX, on the list of Summer Vengeance champions.

AX has had Cheyenne’s number, in most of their previous encounters. AX got off to a fast start, and never looked back. she worked over Cheyenne’s pussy early and often, with her trademark fingering technique. AX trapped Cheyenne in crushing leg-scissors, which forced her into submission. when it was all said and done, AX advanced, with a 578-28 win. she continued her dominance into round 4, by giving Cheyenne’s ass a proper fucking. next week will be the coronation of AX!

AX mentioned on her blog, that she is going to be wrestling on next week’s live tag match. there is no word yet, on who else is scheduled to appear, but we echo her sentiments of tagging with Cheyenne…

Jewel Throne
DRAGON gets caught between the members of TEAM JEWEL THRONE

17 Responses to “Summer Vengeance V – 1/2 FINAL # 2 – Ariel X vs. Cheyenne Jewel”

  1. arikh Says:

    now, with 550 pts margin against Cheyenne, how could she say she’s disappointed of herself ? that she feel she let down her fans ??

    as a true believer, I didn’t let these statements make me think she actually lost this match, but everyone was at least sure it’s a two sided match, with Cheyenne giving Ariel a real hard run for her money.

    so, “she is my most feared combatant” = 550 pts margin.
    I’ll say “the strongest wrestler I have ever gone against” = 400-500 pts margin.

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    The most effective way for Bella to beat Ariel would be to splash down on her and cause an injury. Hopefully this won’t happen but with such a weight difference between the wrestlers, there is always a risk of something going wrong.
    Hopefully Bella will be fucked hard in the butthole if she loses. Cheyenne showed in an exemplary way how a beaten wrestler should take her punishment.

  3. Joe Says:

    I wasn’t expecting Ariel’s margin of victory to be that big! She’s got it in the bag, no worries. Unless she gets injured…

  4. arikh Says:

    upcoming season news and matches:
    1. Ariel X vs Cici Rhodes
    2. Rain Degrey vs Holly Heart
    3. Serena Blair vs Sensi Pearl (canceled*)

    also, this week another new recruit supose to have her debut :
    4. Gia Dimarco vs Shae Simone

    * apperantley, little Sensi got overwhelmed during the match and forefit. it’s such a shame, as I realy wanted to have this petite young girl on the site. also tough luck for Serena who was about to have her 1st win.
    this footage most probably won’t be an update.
    the only time I recall of a canceled match like this which have been a downloadble update is Wenona vs Lucy Fire. after one round of Wenona molseting her, Lucy quited.
    I wish all of this canceled matches will come downloadable as bonus updates.

    (some of the canceled matches I know of:
    Rain Degrey vs Trina Michaels – Rain was kicking Trina’s ass, but then got injured.
    Mahina Zaltana vs Gia Dimarco – was suposed to be one of this SV’s 1st round matches. Mahina had a big lead after the 1st round, but then Gia got injured.
    Ashley Jane vs Gia Dimarco – was supose to be one of the last SV’s 1st round matches, Ashley was in the lead after the 1st round, but got herself injured at the start of the 2nd round.
    this is the match I want to see the most.)

    Emma Haize is saying she’ll have a match soon! yea! too bad Sensi didn’t had her debut against Emma, as I believe she wouldn’t gotten herself overwhelmed with her. though I do believe Emma would have won finally.

    SPOILER: do not read if you don’t want to know…

    Rain Degrey vs Holly Heart

    570-580 : 287

  5. shawn Says:


    • arikh Says:

      sorry, but Dragon doesn’t share info like the others, with twitter and blogs. same thing with Darling. so we can only get info about her when the one who talks mention her.

      but maybe huepow, who has a personal connection with some of the top wrestlers knows more.

      but that shouldn’t worry you, I beilieve she will be wrestling this season, as usual. Dragon, Dia and Ariel are a true wrestlers, this is their 1st priority, above regular porn, bdsm or others.

      I hope to see Dragon for many years, schooling newbs through the season, and getting her ass kicked by top mid-ranked in SV! lol


      BTW, huepow, with your connections to Ariel, Dia and others, maybe you could have short interviews with them to post here on your blog ?

  6. Grem BHM Says:

    I notice Adrianna Nicole had a shot recently. Wouldn’t it be good to see her back in U/S to kick some ass. A rematch vs Bella in the future could be great too.

  7. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Dragon Lily will be back next season. here’s hoping Adrianna comes back. she’d be up there with the elites, if she was able to wrestle on a full-time basis. Rain beating Holly is no surprise, altho I still think Holly is a top 10 wrestler. great segue into my season 8 rankings that I’ll be unveiling in next week’s Summer Vengeance championship post.

    • arikh Says:

      real no surprise about Holly and Rain. both wrestled Mellanie, Rain won, Holly lost. Rain is a winner, Holly still needs to find her winning atittude to combine with her huge potential. also her absence this season did contribute to the loss.
      but in the long run, I beilieve Holly will be better than Rain.

      huepow, maybe this season you could post a current top 10 every week with the post match reviews ? I’m always having trouble finding your rankings…

  8. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    I’ll post rankings every week. it’s difficult to get a gauge in the forums, b/c Matt’s rankings only count girls when they compete. I have a general idea of who’s coming back, so we’ll see how things pan out.

    I wouldn’t necessarily say I have “connections” with any of the wrestlers. I will be meeting up again with Cheyenne in October. maybe, I can have her cut some promos, or an interview.

    Matt has just posted that the top four wrestlers are squaring off in this Friday’s tag match: he gave no specifics as to the pairings, but I will assume/hope it’s AX & Cheyenne vs. Bella & Darling

    • arikh Says:

      Matt just posted the teams:
      Ariel X & Darling
      Bella & Cheyenne

      I was assuming same as you. Ariel (1st) & Cheyenne (4th) vs Bella (2nd) & Darling (3rd).
      that is the logic team up.
      but I’m glad he putted Darling with Ariel, cause now they’re definetly going to win this. with all due respect to Ariel’s words about the other two, I’m more afraid of Darling than Bella or Cheyenne.

      • celticfrostedflakes Says:

        Darling should be the most amped of the four, considering how her match with Bella went down. AX & Cheyenne vs. Darling & Bella would’ve been the most evenly-matched pairings. as I posted on the forum, I see AX & Darling winning by 150+ points.

  9. arikh Says:

    upcoming season:
    1. Ariel X vs Cici Rhodes
    2. Rain Degrey vs Holly Heart

    tommorow (wednesday):
    3. Gia Dimarco vs Shae Simone

    Gia is the hottest girl at US, but she’s even hotter while been dominated in wrestling.
    shae also have a tight little toned body. she says she don’t have any wrestling knowledge, but did watched couple of matches to prepare for this match.
    I realy hope her seemingly athletic body will deliever, also hope she got good wrestling instincts, so she can put up a fight against Gia.
    Gia’s last two matches were pretty easy. while Emma didn’t stood a chance, Rosemary did kept a reasonable score. she even started the match better than Gia, being the first to score with a great full nelson, which realy emphasized Gia hipnotyzing tits. too bad she couldn’t repeat that and Gia dominated from that point to the end of the match.

    Gia tweeted she doesn’t mind win or lose in this case (probably she think Shae is hot…). as a matter of fact neither do I, as long as the match isn’t going to be one sided.

    day after tommorow (thursday):
    4. Holly Heart vs Audrey Rose

    Holly gets a 2nd match real early this season, in order to get back in shape. it’ll be the 1st time she gets to school a newb in an easy match, after all the hard matches she had.

    Audrey, 5’5” and 130 lbs, is well built, though she doesn’t seem to have much strength. she knows she’s probably going to lose, but she says she’s gonna trashtalk despite that.

    she’s real hot, I just hope she doesn’t get overwhelmed like Sensi did. don’t know why, but she reminds me of Justin Jolie, a lover – not a fighter. not that I have a problem with that. hope I’m wrong, cause Matt probably won’t keep a non fighter on the roster.

    bad news, Kiki says she’s done with wrestling. she won’t risk herself to injuries again.

  10. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    my sources are confirming that Abby Darling will be a part of season 9, once she recovers from a shoulder injury. a dominant force at Academy, it shouldn’t take her long at all to make the transition to Ultimate Surrender. a top 5 talent, with a legit shot to win Summer Vengeance in 2012.

    Gia DiMarco is a hottie, esp. when she’s riding a fat dick up her ass. I checked out Audrey Rose’s shoot on Whipped Ass. pretty hot watching Madeline drill her ass with a strapon! US needs more redheads! Shae Simone kinda looks like Chloe Camilla, with Ashley Jane’s build. it’s a shame about Kiki, she coulda had a decent run.

  11. arikh Says:

    beside Gia vs Shae, there were another match yesterday…

    Emma Haize vs Iona Grace
    these two should have opened this SV, but at the time Emma had a personal issues which prevented her having this match.

    Emma won 475-16.

  12. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    ok, I’m shocked by that result! either Emma has been doing some serious training and/or Iona isn’t as good as I thought.

    • arikh Says:

      haha! the score is true, but the winner ofcourse was Iona, unfortunatley. just wanted to see how people react when they hear such news.

      I did thought the match will be closer, something like 300-120 to Iona. Emma proves again to be the new Harmony, and even beyond that…
      4 times her opponents never won before wrestling her

      Harmony would kick Emma’s ass if she come back (she probably won’t). Kat could give her a real challenge, can’t make a bet on either of them in such a match.

      other relevant big loser (it’s a good thing) is Ashley Jane, if she comes back, it’ll be the 5th time a girl gets her 1st win against Emma. I have no doubt Ashley would win her (as for now).

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