I Ain’t Afraid Of No Hurricane, ‘Cuz I Eat 40s For Breakfast

as part of my hurricane preparedness, I watched the Xavier episode where he tried to make new friends. the friend he constructed from cat feathers and eagle mud, was swept off by the wind. Xavier vows revenge, and befriends a man who seeks to control the weather. this budding friendship conflicts with Xavier’s other friendship, with a lonely goth named Dark Notion (who later changes his name to Baron Society Weinberg)

the twist to this episode is that Xavier is playing two different roles. when he is his normal buff-looking self, he is friends with the climatologist. by causing Snakehand to become violently ill, Xavier has the ability to turn himself inside out. this version of Xavier is friends with the goth. Xavier walks a fine line between two friends, who he pits against each other, for his own personal gain. Snakehand gives a snakecharmer a handjob, which would technically be a blowjob, or would it?!? with a special appearance by Vincent D’Onofrio.



netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10

I haven’t been this excited about Irene, since the time I had sex with that one-legged Chinese woman, BWAHHH!!!



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