Car Periscope

Larry and Jeff meet with a man who has invented the car periscope. Larry decides to invest with him, b/c he has character for having a less attractive wife (played by Aida Turturro of Sopranos fame) Larry would later switch business managers for the opposite reason, b/c his manager was married to a more attractive woman.

Larry goes to a party hosted by Henry Horn (Grant Shaud aka Miles Silverburg from Murphy Brown) his father is a famous judge who used to have a tv show. Larry introduces himself to the judge, and ends up getting sucked into a game of Scrabble, by a one-armed man. the man leaves, and Henry enters a short time later. he accuses Larry of taking advantage of his father, b/c the scoring is overwhelmingly in Larry’s favour. Larry protests, saying it was the one-armed man, but no one else saw him.

in the meantime, it turns out the judge is a racist. this would work to Larry’s advantage, when he has to settle a dispute with Wanda Sykes, over a personal trainer. Larry has a falling out with the inventor and his wife, after Larry refuses to hand over his popcorn, b/c he’s afraid she will eat it all. the one-armed man makes another appearance at the end of the episode, as part of CYE’s homage to The Fugitive

eh, I wasn’t really feelin’ this episode. it’s easily the worst of the season. there is hope for next week’s episode, as Leon and Robert Smigel will appear.

netflix: 3/5
imdb: 6/10



2 Responses to “Car Periscope”

  1. Clint Says:

    I didn’t think it was as “bad” as you made it out to be … But I suppose I can see how it’s not as good as some of the others. 🙂

  2. Joe Says:

    What! It was fantastic! One of the best of the series so far. My friend and I were in stitches when we watched it

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