Get To Know Your 2011 Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir

had my fantasy football draft over the weekend. I was drafting out of the #3 position in a 12-team league. running backs are always the most coveted position, and this year was no different. nine of the first twelve picks were RBs. I was hoping to get Ray Rice, who was a part of my team that got to the championship game in 2009, but he was picked immediately ahead of me. Arian Foster was the #1 overall pick. I ended up taking LeSeasn McCoy over Adrian Peterson.

with my second pick, I took Knowshon Moreno, as he was the best available RB, when the draft snaked back around to me at pick #22. got Reggie Wayne in the third round, and followed that up with Matt Ryan in round 4. I’m more optimistic about this year’s team, than the 2010 version (when I went 6-8) the sign of a great draft is having to make roster moves, only when absolutely necessary (ie injuries, bye weeks) this strategy paid dividends when I won my last championship in 2007.

as for the rest of my 2011 roster, I picked up Donovan McNabb in the 11th round. not too shabby as a backup. I got my obligatory Giant in Mario Manningham (Hakeem Nicks was taken just before I selected Wayne) my third receiver is Dez Bryant. here’s hoping he sees a lot of single-coverage lining up opposite guys like Miles Austin and Jason Witten. I took the Saints DEF/ST in the 10th round, in hopes that Darren Sproles will take a few kicks back to the house. I’ve got a few spare RBs as insurance in Maurice Morris (13) and Fred Jackson (7). hopefully, I’ll only hafta start them as by week replacements. I only have 1 kicker and 1 defense on my roster, so ya know, whatever…



Matt Ryan



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