Summer Vengeance V Championship – Ariel X vs. Bella Rossi – The Emperor Returns!!!

I don’t think I even need to tell u that Ariel X defeated Bella Rossi, to capture her second Summer Vengeance title. I don’t think I need to tell u about how Ariel X is The Whole Fuckin’ Show! regardless of the injuries, scheduling conflicts, etc. that take place, one thing remains constant, ARIEL X! she defeated three very game opponents to get to this point, and we salute them all for their efforts. but in the end, it is Ariel X, who is back at the top of the Ultimate Surrender ladder, back where she belongs…THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!


our last-minute appeal to have Ariel X and Cheyenne Jewel placed on the same team, was to no avail. I didn’t watch the match, but I heard AX and Darling were ahead by about 150 points, which is right in line with the result I had predicted. I still say it would have been a closer match with the pairings I wanted to see. an interesting piece of information came out of the match, as Matt revealed our beloved Dragon Lily may be finished wrestling. I’ll let my esteemed colleague, arikh, fill in anything else I may have missed.

for the first time ever, we have two models who can lay claim to the top spot in Ultimate Surrender. the two-time, two-time champion, Ariel X. and Dia Zerva, last year’s champion who had to withdraw, due to injury, and was never beaten. thusly, we have ranked them 1a and 1b, b/c quite simply, there is no one else on their level.

I will post rankings every week, for reference. no rest for the wicked, season 9 starts next week with a battle of top 10 opponents with Rain DeGrey vs. Holly Heart. Holly has kissed and made up with Matt, and is back with a new nickname “The Honey Badger”

if Dragon comes back, we will put her at #5. if Abby Darling aka Abby Aldrich debuts, we’ll put her at #4. there’s others we would like to see come back: Hollie Stevens, Tia Ling, Adrianna Nicole. and still more we’d like to see debut: Skin “Queen” Diamond, and “Don’t Call Me Asa” Akira Raine.

7 Responses to “Summer Vengeance V Championship – Ariel X vs. Bella Rossi – The Emperor Returns!!!”

  1. Grem BHM Says:

    Abby Aldrich ? Really ?
    I have always wondered (and I’m certainly not the only one) if Academy is scripted or not. I have only watched a few matches and I didn’t get the feeling it was.

    How long until we see Isamar fucked (and more certainly fucking) at US ?

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Abby Aldrich/Darling has already done some stuff for other Kink sites, including an awesome shoot with Gia DiMarco, for Whipped Ass. I’m sure she’ll start wrestling for Ultimate Surrender, once she recovers from her shoulder injury.

    Matt always likes to say that Ultimate Surrender is the only unscripted female wrestling site on the net. but I heard from the AX woman herself, that there is absolutely nothing scripted about the matches at Academy.

    I don’t know when or if we will ever see Isamar wrestling at the Armory.

    • arikh Says:

      Rain (who I think dates Matt) also saying Academy is non scripted, and I believe also the other girls who wrestle for both US and Academy, so I’m taking their word for it. though Ariel’s word is enough by itself, ofcourse.

      as I browse the girls database at Academy, I see Dia has 15-6 record. 6 loses!! among them Madison Young (though it was a long ago…)!! Yana Jordan, Sin Sage!!! and this Abby Aldrich (again, long ago…)
      I must say this results make me a little suspicious.

      also, as grem BHM said, watching some of the matches don’t feel so real…

      • celticfrostedflakes Says:

        Academy shoots custom matches for members, but I’ve never heard any wrestlers publicly acknowledge that they were scripted. I can’t see Dia losing as many matches at Academy as she has. but whether or not she had to “job” in any of those matches is between her and Academy.

  3. arikh Says:

    thanks for mentioning me, very appreciate that.

    the live tag team is broadcasted at 5:00 am here, and though I usualy make an effort to watch it anyway, this time I couldn’t.

    how come Matt revealed this info about Dragon ? did he announce it to the audience ?
    anyway, I’m bumbed about it, as I was looking forward watching her getting fucked by more top mid level wrestlers.
    maybe with the entering of Bella and Cheyenne to the elite club, alongside Ariel, Dia and Darling, this club got too crowded ?

    we should remember that every elite gets usualy 3-4 matches during the season in which they school rookies and newbs. meaning – a lot of blowouts and one sided matches. having too much elites means a lot of this kind of matches during the regular season.
    personally, I want to see less of these matches during the season, and more of the non elite girls wrestling one another.

    my rankings, including most of the wrestlers I believe still on the roster, and even newbs we haven’t watched yet:

    1. Ariel X (1-0)
    2. Dia Zerva
    3. Darling
    4. Bella Rossi
    5. Cheyenne Jewel
    6. Rain DeGrey (1-0)
    7. Mahina Zaltana
    8. Sara Jay
    9. Holly Heart (1-1)
    10. Jessie Cox
    11. Serina Blair
    12. Tara Lynn Fox
    13. Samantha Sin
    14. Gia Dimarco (*1-0)
    15. Choe Camilla
    16. Jullette March
    17. Iona Grace (1-0)
    18. Rosemary Radeva
    19. Cici Rhodes (0-1)
    20. Audrey Rose (probably 0-1)
    21. Emma Haize (0-1)
    22. Shae Simone (*probably 0-1)

    * I rank Cici and Audrey above Emma, as they both show real passion for this sport after their one match, and both have great phisiqe stats to start with. Shae, on the other hand, has a real petite body, and I didn’t get to hear from her after her match with Gia (don’t even know if it went well).
    ** wrestlers whos their return is more questionable: Wenona, Tia Ling (pregnancy), Allie Haize, Cece Stone and Ashley Jane.

  4. arikh Says:

    Shay Simone says her match with Gia Dimarco was prosponed, cause Gia wasn’t feeling good that day.

    so here are the matches already took place:
    Ariel X vs Cici Rhodes
    Rain Degrey vs Holly Heart
    Iona Grace vs Emma Haize
    Holly Heart vs Audrey Rose

    I hope next update (after Rain vs Holly) will be Iona vs Emma.

  5. arikh Says:

    Abby Darling says she’s recovering from injury and will be ready to wrestle later this month.
    she doesn’t yet have a schedule for a match though. it will be interesting to see if she’ll be treated as a regular newb and get a debut match against one of the veterans, or she’ll be treated as an experienced wrestler and her debut match will be against a rookie/low ranked.
    Cheyenne, for instance, got to wrestle a rookie on her debut.

    other kink model who might join US is Katy Cherry.

    Tia Ling probably will be back. she shoot next month for kink, so I guess her absence has ended and she’ll be wrestling again.

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