Mister Softee

an ice cream truck triggers a painful childhood memory for Larry. it prevents him from making love. it prevents him from recording the final out in his softball league championship game.

in an effort to be taken more seriously, Leon starts wearing glasses. it helps him and Larry get into a sold out autograph signing. it helps Larry get a bill from his therapist waived.

Larry is at the session to get Mookie Wilson’s autograph, as a birthday gift for Jeff. Larry ends up meeting Bill Buckner, and the two strike up a bit of a friendship. Bill is still being heckled on the street by fans for his gaffe in Game 6 of the ’86 World Series. they are asked to attend a Minyan, but then told to leave by an angry Red Sox fan. Larry and Bill show up at the Greens house to give Jeff the autographed ball. Larry tosses it to Bill, but he misses, and the ball goes out the window. don’t worry folks, Bill redeems himself at the end of the episode.

Robert Smigel (Triumph The Insult Comic Dog) plays Yari of Yari’s Autonomics. he runs the softball team Larry plays on, and he’s none too happy that Larry’s error cost him the championship. he half-asses the repairs on Larry’s car, resulting in a bumpy ride for Larry’s front-seat passengers.

Ana Gasteyer plays Larry’s current love interest, Jennifer.

Ana Gasteyer

this was a pretty good, pretty, pretty, pretty good episode…FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!

netflix: 4/5
imdb: 8/10

season finale featuring Michael J. Fox is next week.

One Response to “Mister Softee”

  1. Clint Says:

    That was Triumph?! I’ll be damned.

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