Local Man Uses Electronic Billboard To Convey Opinion Of Labour Day

and that wasn’t even the best quote of the nite. that award goes to:
“it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, I’m still gonna chokeslam you!”

I went over to my best male mate’s house for some pre-Labour Day festivities. I got off work at 7, and beat my ETA. I suggested we watch the new Problem Solverz episode, but the motion got caught up in bureaucratic red tape, and never passed.

there were about a dozen or so ppl that showed up. I was drinking some bottom-shelf whisky and hurricane mixed drinks. I’m the kind of alcoholic who likes his liquor, and also likes his chaser drinks, but I never like to combine the two. b/c it never tastes like either, and it’s just a bad scene. I was reluctant to try a hurricane, but the combination of rum, lime, and cherry, suited my palette just fine.

I was talking with friend of the blog, AEJonze. we discussed the upcoming Atari Teenage Riot show. I told them that I would be going to Bensonhoist that weekend to visit my cousin. the new album is good, but it just doesn’t have that ATR feel to it, like their previous works. roughly half of their set on this tour, is comprised of songs from the new album. I’m sure the show is going to be outstanding, but I’m not sure if it will top last year’s show at Sonar. I’m probably just being overly pessimistic, but I had a similar situation with Megadeth, last year.

we talked a little bit about wrasslin’ particularly the direction of CM Punk’s character, and whether he would get another big push. I told him I would make a conscientious effort to post pics from the RAW house show we went to, back in December. I will have those pics on my blog by Friday.

there was some talk about the recent earthquake. I mentioned how I thought it was a low-flying helicopter. some folks walked outside, and were expecting to see giant spaceships. other folks just packed up their belongings, saying fuck it, and they wore sneakers.

the first wave of partygoers left around 12:30 AM, but then a second wave came thru. I don’t remember a whole lot after that, b/c I was pretty hammered. I may have passed out briefly, while I waited for my ride. I was having trouble standing, and needed to be helped to the cab. it was still a fun time, even if hipsterscum doesn’t like to party, b/c there’s too many ppl.


One Response to “Local Man Uses Electronic Billboard To Convey Opinion Of Labour Day”

  1. Clint Says:

    I took a video of the billboard too, so after I change it, it can still be remembered. I sense that to be a tradition…

    And sorry about the cartoon situation! If nobody comes over it’s easy to watch ’em,but if everybody comes over, it’s really hard to watch stuff.

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