Ultimate Surrender – S9E01 – (7) Rain DeGrey vs. (10) Holly Heart

when last we saw Holly Heart, she had abruptly quit Ultimate Surrender. she was 1-0 last season. she was also on the tag circuit, teaming with Dragon. they were 2-0, and in good shape to make a run at the tag titles. following a minor meltdown from Matt, it appears as tho he and Holly have kissed and made up. she is back with a new nickname “The Honey Badger” I’ve linked the video which inspired her to change her name (see below) it’s like the Paulie Walnuts of the animal kingdom.

Rain DeGrey is entering her third season, and is among the best of the upper mid-card. an undefeated regular season, was followed with a 1/4 final appearance in Summer Vengeance. a true student of the game, she is a regular at tag matches, and is improving her overall skillset, with the help of a personal trainer.

Holly made an impressive showing in her first match in over a year, but she lacked the stamina to hang with Rain for all three rounds. Holly seems to have a renewed fire, and Rain continues to show why she was the rookie of the year in season 7. the end result was a 537-238 win for Rain, and a really hard ass fucking for Holly in round 4. Rain’s smack talk is alread in mid-season form.

now that it’s been confirmed that Abby Darling (aka Aldrich) will be wrestling her first match for Ultimate Surrender later this month, it’s time to start talking about how Matt should go about booking her. even tho US is unscripted, I’m sure there is a method to how Matt books the matches.

next to Isamar Gutierrez, Abby Darling is the biggest free agent name, who has yet to wrestle at the Armory. while the casual US fan may not know who she is, Matt should totally embrace the fact that she is one of the best wrestlers at Academy. Abby is 22-1 at Academy (not sure who she lost to) she is a legit contender, come Summer Vengeance. I would have her wrestle one or two noobz first, and then throw her in against someone like Bella Rossi.

Cheyenne Jewel had never wrestled in US, before last season. it took her one match to become fully acclimated to the US style, and then she took out Wenona. the learning curve for Abby should be something similar. here are the updated rankings for season 9:

GIA DIMARCO was removed from the rankings. if this was a ranking of the most spectacular asses of Ultimate Surrender, she’d be in my top 3!


11 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E01 – (7) Rain DeGrey vs. (10) Holly Heart”

  1. Terence Daniels Jr. (@ThePresident187) Says:

    Abby’s lone Academy loss was to none other than this year’s Summer Vengeance Champion, Ariel

  2. Grem BHM Says:

    All we need now is a match between the Honey Badger and the Adrianaconda …

    The Dragon, The Scorpion (I miss her), The Bull Dog, The Spider (what a shame she isn’t wrestling anymore) … it shouldn’t be the “Armory” but the “Zoo”

  3. Joe Says:

    I wonder if the Honey Badger also has a propensity for anal sex… 10 matches, 8 defeats. Gotta love Holly and her open back door policy!

    Matt commented again on Holly’s stamina, I see. I wonder if she smokes? That was von Tess’ problem (who should definitely come back so we can have The Badger vs The Honey Badger!).

  4. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Alexa Von Tess was always one girl who I wished would’ve had more success at Ultimate Surrender. she also has one of the most entertaining profile pages at Academy:

    Alexa came to us from another wrestling company without a great deal of training, skills, aggressiveness, or motivation to improve as a wrestler. Constantly over-matched, Alexa enjoyed the sex and the money and the all the people involved in that other company, and still does. But Alexa is very bright and figured as long as they want her to lose and be dominated by bigger, stronger, more skilled women; she’d keep enjoying herself and getting paid!

    any chance u think they were referring to her time at US? 🙂

    • Joe Says:

      Haha! Yes, that is good. I wonder if they were… 😉

      • Grem BHM Says:

        I disagree with AW.
        If you look at her records Alexa also wrestled weaker opponents (and who would say Calico, Tsunami … were too big for her). Ah, the Anaconda ate the Badeger but I heard the Badger was not feeling well before the match.

      • Joe Says:

        iirc, Alexa’s last 3 matches were wins against Claire Dames, Jennifer Dark and Kira Lynne.

    • arikh Says:

      Alexa started with very petite body, but with time she gained weight. at her best she nearly defeated Wenona…
      I remember she was in a big lead by the middle of the 2nd round (124-24), but then the smoking probably kicked in and Wenona took over the match, ended with 480-155…

      she was a real force at tag teams with Amber Rayne, a team who defeated several good teams.

      she was a legit mid ranked, despite her poor stamina and lack of big arsenal of skills. like Wenona, she handled rookies easily, but got overwhelmed by top girls. Adrianna just mopped the mat with her…

  5. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    my all-time favourite Alexa Von Tess match was vs. Claire Adams. what a clinic Claire put on that day! watching that match, u realize why she called herself “The Sadist”

    too bad, a non-wrestling injury ended Claire’s wrestling career. she had the potential to be a Summer Vengeance champion.

    on a side note, the still photography for Claire-Alexa, was some of the best for any match they’ve done. makes me wish they hadn’t reverted to using video captures for still images.

  6. boknrd Says:

    idk why i was laughing during this whole match. even in round 4 i was laughing. their banter and insults were funny as hell

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