I Got A Little Verklempt At Work The Other Day

got the news that my workplace BFF is getting transferred to another store. for all intents and purposes, this is a demotion. he’s gonna be doing the same job at the other store, but we were the lowest performing store in the district. his replacement is coming from a store that opened up not more than a year ago, and is in the top 3 in revenue. so obviously, changes needed to be made. it’s tough to earn a living in this economy, when your job is to sell $1000 HDTVs, along with home install, and $80 HDMI cables. calibrations have gotta be the biggest scam going right now.

I still remember the first day I met our former store manager (who has also been “demoted”) and he said “they signed me to be here for two years, so if I’m not here in that time, it means I haven’t done my job.” to be honest, he was a great guy, great with handling customer issues. he just wasn’t a guy who exhibited much in the way of leadership skills, or any ability to motivate his employees.

today is the last day at our store for my buddy, and I will miss being able to shoot the shit with him. it’s very rare to find anyone in a managerial or supervisor position who wants to talk about something other than business. I’ve been there five years, and ain’t a gawdamn thing changed for me. I’m probably the most consistent worker they’ve got. I’m beyond the point of motivating. the only one who can motivate me, is myself. u can try and get me to question customers, as to why they won’t go for a service plan, credit card, etc. but at the end of the day, if they go away happy, that’s all that matters to me! don’t worry about me, I’m a professional camera salesman, I’ll be ok!



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