Larry vs. Michael J. Fox

Larry and Michael J. Fox are neighbours, but are always at odds with each other:
did Michael give Larry a disapproving nod at the bar, in response for being shusuhed, or was it Parkinsons?
did Michael intentionally shake up that soda before he gave it to Larry, or was it Parkinsons?
does Michael clomp around in boots to annoy Larry, or does he wear them b/c of Parkinsons?
did Michael deliberately bump Larry in the lobby, or was it Parkinsons?

during a fundraiser for Michael’s Parkinsons Foundation, he catches Larry making the “violin” motion, which draws the ire of the entire crowd. facing eviction from the building, Larry has a chance to make amends by attending another of Michael’s charity functions…

Michael J. Fox

Elizabeth (Ana Gasteyer) must really like taking rides in Larry’s car, b/c they are still dating. Larry shows up at Elizabeth’s for a date, and meets Gregg, her effeminate 7 year-old son. Larry is doodling a Hitler moustache and swastika on a magazine, and fills him in about Hitler. Larry buys Gregg a sewing machine for his birthday, which he loves. unfortunately for Larry, everyone else thinks it’s a terrible gift. so Larry has to buy Gregg another gift (a violin) when Larry presents him with the violin, Gregg says he’s made Susie a special gift. he’s sewn her a pillow sham, adorned with a swastika.


Larry is talking with Susie and Jeff abut Michael and his wife. Susie asks Jeff if he would take a bullet for her. he says that he would, but she doesn’t believe him. Jeff hurts his back, when he pushes Susie out of the way of an oncoming bike messenger. Jeff goes to see the doctor, where he is informed the best way to alleviate the pain, is to take suppositories (aka bullets)


Jon Delocated as the Doorman; Aasif Mandvi (The Daily Show) as the Guy in the Elevator; NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, as himself; and introducing THE FABULOUSLY TALENTED Edward Schweighardt, as Gregg.

Delocated, Season 3, coming in January 2012!

netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10



One Response to “Larry vs. Michael J. Fox”

  1. Clint Says:

    Yea I heard on the Delocated blog that John was going to be in this. At first his role seemed small, but then he came back. Too bad Larry isn’t going to stay in the building, providing us an excuse to use John more!

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