Fuck Work, Let’s Play Some NHL 12!!!

GAWDAMNIT, I LOVE HOCKEY! it’s one of the few sports I enjoy watching either on tv, or in person. the NHL series has long been my favourite sports game, and this year’s edition, will be no different. I’m resurrecting Eddie Dingle, for what should prove to be an epic Be a Pro campaign. u can put your created player on an NHL team, straight away. or u can do it the fun way, and start out in the Canadien Hockey League (OSHAWA GENERALS, FUCK YEAH!!!) and work your way up thru Juniors, to the AHL, and on to the NHL.

they’ve added a Legends Mode where they have brought back some of the all-time greats: GRETZKY, LEMIEUX, BOURQUE, ROY!!! once u unlock them by breaking their milestones, u can put them on any team u like. dare I put a Lemieux in his prime on my beloved Caps, on a line with Ovechkin?!? hell, it’s probably the only way they’ll ever win a Stanley Cup.

Gretzky is still my all-time favourite, b/c the Oilers were skullfucking the entire league, back when I started following hockey in the late-80s (1987 to be exact) of course, back then, there were only 21 teams, so everyone made the playoffs, but 5 Stanley Cups in 7 years, is impressive at any level. Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, Fuhr. now that was a fuckin’ dream team!

keep watching this space for weekly updates on the future Great One, Eddie Dingle…



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