Carnival Machine Armada Plays The Big 4

it’s been quite an exciting year for the local thrash metal act, Carnival Machine Armada. since their inception in April 2010, they’ve put out two multi-platinum albums, a live DVD, and headlined their own tour. but their biggest break may have come on Wednesday nite, when they were a last-minute replacement for Anthrax, at the Big 4 show at Yankee Stadium.

“with all apologies to the 12 ppl who are here specifically to see Anthrax, no worries, we’re here to break your faces, all the same.” said Persie Handfisher, as the band ripped into Not Of This Grid, a track about the joys of delusion and paranoia.

Handfisher is one part frontman, and one part comedian, taking jabs at the headliners between songs “it’s great to be playing with a few of our all-time favourite bands…oh yeah, and Metallica. jeez, I sure hope Lars asks us to play Am I Evil? with them.”

Carnival Machine Armada burst onto the scene in April 2010, with the release of their eponymous debut. a concept album about a man who buys an air hockey table on craigslist, and the trials and tribulations he faces, trying to maneuver it into his house. the album sounded more like a jam band session, but Handfisher is always quick to note “Widespread Panic, we are not!” regardless, the end product was an instant hit, and helped them build a steady following.

their follow-up release in May 2011, We Are The Machines, was a heavier and faster effort, thanks to the tuned down guitars of Wrath von MagicMist. in addition to writing most of the music, von MagicMist also had a significant role in writing the lyrics. the band went from writing songs about jonesin’ for cheeseburgers, to social issues like politics, religion, and war.

CMA played tracks from both albums, which showcased the band’s wide range of influences. from hipsterscum’s bass-rattling thump on tracks like Bongwater Buffet and Chinese Doomocracy (which Handfisher dedicated to Axl Rose) to Wrath’s blistering and meticulous noodling on Atomic Bondage Chapel. Gauge Yagee continues his ascent as one of the best blastbeat drummers on the scene today.

Persie Handfisher is a self-described paranoid neurotic, who said he drank a fifth of Crown Royal, to get ready for the show. while he did seem to stumble around on stage from time to time, he had no issue belting out the lyrics. a man with no discernable music talent, it was hard to tell if he had his own vocal style, or if he was perhaps imitating Mike Patton and/or Ogre (two singers whom Handfisher claims to have an affinity for)

while most of the 40,000+ fans in attendance had little idea who CMA was, the band was successful in whipping them into a frenzy by the end of their 45-minute set, closing with the Mayhem classic, Deathcrush. CMA goes back on the road for a string of North American dates in October…

Not Of This Grid -> Sodomized In Her Sleep -> Bongwater Buffet -> Heady Sundaes -> Shemales On Parade -> GOAL (Go Out A Loser) -> Atomic Bondage Chapel -> Chinese Doomocracy -> Deathcrush

Trust -> Hangar 18 -> She Wolf -> Public Enemy No. 1 -> Head Crusher -> A Tout Le Monde -> Sweating Bullets -> Symphony of Destruction -> Peace Sells -> Holy Wars…The Punishment Due

Disciple -> Postmortem -> Hate Worldwide -> War Ensemble -> Psychopathy Red -> Mandatory Suicide -> Chemical Warfare -> Silent Scream -> Dead Skin Mask -> Snuff -> South of Heaven -> Raining Blood -> Black Magic -> Angel of Death

Creeping Death -> For Whom The Bell Tolls -> Fuel -> Ride the Lightning -> Fade to Black -> Cyanide -> All Nightmare Long -> Sad But True -> Welcome Home (Sanitarium) -> Orion -> One -> Master of Puppets -> Blackened -> Nothing Else Matters -> Enter Sandman -> Overkill -> Battery -> Seek & Destroy

grades based strictly on setlists…



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