I’m Doing Asbestos I Can

season 6 of everyone’s favourite animated redneck squids, Squidbillies, started this past Sunday. Early is diagnosed with inoperable brain tumors, thanks to his asbestos-lined hat. Sheriff goes about making Early’s final wishes come true. from a re-imagining if the South had won the Civil War, to letting him do donuts in his police car, to robbing the convenience store one last time, to cutting a song with T-Pain, to picking out a coffin shaped like both a bottle of Jack and a bass guitar.

the Sheriff is my favourite character, and he usually gets the best lines, playing Early’s comic foil. best quote of the episode was when Early goes to the convenience store, and Sheriff is talking with the clerk:

“Thanks Boyd, you were always there for Early, when he needed to rob you.”


netflix: 4/5
imdb: 8/10

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