Your 73 Is Equivalent To My 9.2 Native Rating

I got mystery shopped the other day. I read the review. there was nothing there, that I didn’t expect to see. I scored 110/150, which is 73%. what is that, like a low-C/hi-D? the categories that I didn’t score on, were ones that I never bother to practice anyways.

didn’t make small-talk: b/c unless you’re a female between the ages of 21-39, I’m not interested in hearing your life story
didn’t ask what brought them into the store: do I really give a fuck if Target has the same camera for $20 less?
didn’t ask what they would be using the camera for: are you using it to shoot porn in your basement? no? ok, then buy this
didn’t ask for the sale: b/c I don’t work on commission, and therefore don’t give a fuck whether or not you buy anything

bottom line: the mystery shopper said that based on their experience, they would definitely be back to buy. so you can take that 73, shine that sumbitch up, turn it sideways, and stick it straight up your candy-ass!!!


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