Early Cuyler Ain’t Not Never Needed To Learn No Damn Cursive; Board of Education Concurs

two shows with a school theme to review this week:

Squidbillies – Class of ’86
1986, the most metalest year, ever! it’s also the year Early Cuyler would’ve graduated high school, if he hadn’t dropped out, in the 2nd grade. that won’t prevent him from attending his 25th anniversary reunion tho. it is revealed that Dan Halen used to bully Sheriff in high school.


netflix: 4/5
imdb: 8/10

Problem Solverz – Problem Solverz Academy
a parasite is destroying the internet, and it’s up to the Problem Solverz to stop it. unfortunately, they never learned how to use a delta cannon, so they hafta go back to school. in a spot of role reversal, Horace becomes the nerd, and Roba becomes the cool guy. Alfe is still ALFE!!!

Problem Solverz

netflix: 4/5
imdb: 8/10


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