Wrath von MagicMist Attends Atari Teenage Riot Show

Atari Teenage Riot are out on tour promoting their first new album in over a decade. I saw them a year ago at Sonar, when they were on their reunion tour. at that time, they had just one new song, “Activate” I didn’t make it to their show this past Saturday at 9:30 Club, opting instead to go to NYC, which caused an uproar amongst many of my critics, who questioned my decision-making. I didn’t realize so many ppl had started hanging out with my father, BUH HUH!!!

if u don’t care for the new ATR album, or prefer to hear more of the older stuff…then u probably should’ve gone to last year’s show. 8 of the 15 songs were from Is This Hyperreal? Wrath von MagicMist reports that the show was spectacular, and that they hung out with Nic Endo for 30 minutes after the show. I think he said she offered him a cigarette. I kinda wish I woulda gone, b/c I finally got around to putting the new album in to my heavy rotation. we watched a video on Friday nite, of ATR performing four songs on German tv. how come there’s nothing that cool on American tv?

Activate -> The Only Slight Glimmer Of Hope -> Black Flags -> Shadow Identity -> Into The Death -> Too Dead For Me -> Atari Teenage Riot -> Sick To Death -> Re-arrange Your Synapses -> Is This Hyperreal? -> Codebreaker -> Blood In My Eyes -> Speed -> Start The Riot -> Revolution Action

Alec Empire
“can somebodys please tells this guys to puts his shirts back on?”


3 Responses to “Wrath von MagicMist Attends Atari Teenage Riot Show”

  1. Clint Says:

    Nic Endo asked why you weren’t there this year!

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    was she all like “hey, where’s that chomsky honk, and his Xavier shirt at?”
    u know, according to my wikipedia page, I have an affinity for Asian women.

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