Ultimate Surrender – S9E03 – (1a) Ariel X vs. Cici Rhodes

how do u begin defense of your second Summer Vengeance championship, and title as The Whole Fuckin’ Show of Ultimate Surrender? well, if you’re Ariel X, u do it by punishing the hell out of a lowly noob.

enter Cici Rhodes, aka “The Titan” Cici had a 7″ height advantage, and a 40-lb. weight advantage. she has a background jiu-jitsu, and receives training from her father, who is a combat fighter. AX believes Cici can be a champion within 2 years, if she continues wrestling. plus, we need more redheads!

that being said, AX ran roughshod over Cici to the tune of 1458-0, scoring the most lopsided victory, since Dia Zerva defeated Penthouse Pet, Jayden Cole, 1780-0, way back in week 15, of season 7. it was not all fun and games for AX, as she suffered a broken toe. not from wrestling, but from showing the noob some moves in between rounds, and was excited about fucking fresh meat in round 4.

arikh is reporting that AX wrestled one last match vs. Lyla Storm, before she goes on hiatus, for her boob job. the following is a list of girls who will be unavailable until further notice.

Ariel X – see above
Dragonlily – retired from wrestling
Dia Zerva – previously injured; has been working for other Kink sites
Hollie Stevens – illness
Wenona – pregnant
Samantha Sin
Tara Lynn Foxx
Rosemary Radeva
Ashley Jane
Aiden Ashley

1a. ARIEL X (1-0)
07. RAIN DEGREY (1-0)
10. HOLLY HEART (0-1)

the bigger they are, the harder they cum!


10 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E03 – (1a) Ariel X vs. Cici Rhodes”

  1. Joe Says:

    I was surprised when I first heard Ariel was getting a boob job, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out

  2. arikh Says:

    yesterday, friday, there was suposed to be 3 matches:
    Cece Stone vs Cheyenne Jewell (rematch)
    unknown vs newb – Melissa Jacobs
    Mahina Zaltana vs newb – Lizzy London

    eventually, the two first matches didn’t get to even start, due to multiple cancelations.

    but Mahina did got to wrestle newb Lizzy London. don’t know score yet.
    Mahina is scheduled to school another newb – Sofia Lauryn, right this monday, giving her only 2 days of rest between the 2 matches.

  3. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    AX would look pretty good with some 34Cs. pretty good, pretty, pretty, pretty good! oh hey, and before I forget, special shout-out to Ringmaster for writing about AX scene with Skin Diamond from. I finally got around to watching it, and it was fuckin’ hot!!! for anyone interested, the scene in question, is from Boundaries 7.

    I wonder why Matt had Cheyenne and Cece rematch. did Cece request it?

    Melissa Jacobs is a hottie. I’ve seen some of her vanilla lesbian stuff. hope she gets to wrestle a full match.

    not familiar with Lizzy London, other than an MFF scene on Brazzers she did with Nicole Aniston.

    • arikh Says:

      you right, there’s little reason to have Cece and Cheyenne rematch.
      for one, since the last time they’ve met, nothing realy changed, no reason to have a different outcome to this match now.
      for two, Cece got her ass kicked a few times already last season, as a rookie. it’s time for her to battle it out with mid and low ranked girls.

      anyway, the match didn’t took place after all, so hopefully, they will find both of them other opponents.

      this monday supose to have 2 matches (according to kink calendar), one of them is Mahina vs Sofia Lauryn.

      Kaylee Hilton is tweeting she’s gonna wrestle for US…
      she’s super hot, hopefully she’ll be in the other match. (I have a feeling there’s a chance she’ll wrestle Emma Haize…)

  4. arikh Says:

    today’s 2 matches:
    Jessie Cox vs Kaylee Hilton
    Mahina Zaltana vs Sofia Lauryn

    two very beautiful newbs, very welcomed by me. both fighting against tough small veterans, so I don’t expect any of them to score more than 30 pts.

    Kaylee says she managed to score some pts, but she got her ass whooped.

  5. arikh Says:

    apperantley, Kaylee did better than I expected…
    she scored 48 pts, while Jessie scored 300-400.

    for comparison, Jessie vs Gia (on her debut) ended 442-40. plus, Jessie has now more experience.

    I guess we can rule Kaylee out of a suitable opponent for Emma Haize. maybe Krissy Dee, if Matt will bring her…

  6. Grem BHM Says:

    I’ll be happy when we’ll see Rain vs Mahina, Mahina vs Jessie and Jessie vs Rain.
    Ah, I would also enbjoy to see Bobbi back. She was strong.

    I don’t want to schock but I’m a bit bored of Ariel X matchs, I would like to see her again opponents of the same skills (which is difficult to find, as expressed inb the forum)

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      I agree that there is no one besides Dia, who is on AX level, and who knows how long Dia will be out for.
      I wrote in the forums that AX should run a gauntlet match, where she faces three opponents of varying skill level. one round against each, with an aggregate scoring system. if she wins, she can fuck all three, and if she loses, they all fuck her. that would change things up, and would be a great alternative, if they are unable to do another Royal Madness match.

  7. Ringmaster Says:

    Melissa Jacobs is indeed exceptionally hot. I doubt whether she will make a wrestler but it will be good to see her get fingered, ass fucked and jizzed on.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      Matt should spend a little extra money, to coax some vanilla lesbian porn models to “job” hell, I’d pay double the subscription price if he could bring in girls like Celeste Star or Lux Kassidy. those two getting manhandled by AX in a handicap match would draw more interest in the site, than some 3-minute blowjob ever would.

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