Cliff Burton: Gone 25 Years…But Never Forgotten!!!

the major rager on the four-string mother fucker! it was 25 years ago today that a bus accident claimed the life of Cliff Burton. it happened while Metallica was on tour in Sweden, promoting their seminal masterpiece, Master of Puppets. I used to hear the stories of Metallica opening for Ozzy on their US tour, and how half the audience would leave, after they were done playing.

u don’t hafta be a rocket scientist to know that they haven’t done anything that’s come close to that album since. they were at their creative peak during the Cliff Burton years. every once in a while, I’ll pop in my VHS copy of Cliff ‘Em All, which is essential viewing for any Metallica fan: whether u still like them, or gave up on them 20 years ago.

Cliff’s bass solo with first band, Trauma, just before he was recruited by Metallica

Cliff’s first bass solo with Metallica

Creeping Death – Drunk On Ozzy Tour – April 4, 1986

interview from 1985

For Whom The Bell Tolls – Day On The Green – August 31, 1985

Cliff Burton


3 Responses to “Cliff Burton: Gone 25 Years…But Never Forgotten!!!”

  1. Clint Says:

    He is still missed even today.

  2. dieta Says:

    ..A different approach from songwriting here – Metallica of the 1980s used to consist only of extreme and fierce thrash metal. I wouldnt consider this release to be a sell-out but they did have a happier form of Metallica instead of the more darker side of the band…The music has heavy distorted riffs throughout this album mixed with some clean tone melodies as was featured on the songs such as The Unforgiven and Nothing Else Matters. The guitars on this album are wholly original and thick.

  3. Clint Says:

    Original? Dude, every Metallica album before the Black album was more original.

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