I Received An Official Communication From PFFR

PFFR has a new show debuting on [adult swim] Nov. 6. it stars Patton Oswalt (King of Queens, Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Kristen Schaal (Louise on Bob’s Burgers), and Heather Lawless (she’s appeared in a few other PFFR shows including Xavier and Delocated)

the name of the show is The Heart, She Holler. Patton Oswalt will be on Conan tonite, to promote it. the video PFFR attached to the email is a minute long. it is screen tests of three “actors” who do nothing but stare into the camera. Hurshe (Schaal), Hambrosia (Lawless), and Hurlan (Oswalt)

this appears to be your typical PFFR fare, designed to both entertain and confuse it’s audience. it looks like a faux reality show, starring a family of rednecks, who are possibly into inbreeding and/or cannibalism. the camera begins to shake when Lawless stares into it, so there could be some sort of weird paranormal thing, going on with her character. think like Deliverance meets Poltergeist?!? of course, I could be totally off in my assessment, but we’ll keep u posted if we hear anything else.

as with any PFFR show, we have high hopes. this should tide us over nicely, until Delocated begins it’s third season in January.


3 Responses to “I Received An Official Communication From PFFR”

  1. mooselicker Says:

    If it’s anything like Wonder Showzen I’m in.

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