Ultimate Surrender – S9E04 – (8) Mahina Zaltana vs. Lizzy London

Mahina “Freezing Moon” Zaltana was the unanimous choice for rookie of the year. after taking her lumps in the regular season, she won two Summer Vengeance matches, before being ousted by Darling in the 1/4 finals. no longer a noob, she begins her ascent up the mid-card. being ranked 8th, we foresee great things for Mahina, in her second season.

Lizzy “The Lethal” London is a hot young noob looking to make a name for herself. at just 19 years old, she is the youngest wrestler on the roster. with the proper conditioning, she could turn into season 9’s top rookie. she is no stranger to Kink, having already shot for five other sites. check out her Sex & Submission shoot with Kristina Rose!

this match may have been a glimpse at the future of Ultimate Surrender. two up-and-coming talents, who left it all out on the mat. Lizzy took an inadvertent knee to the ribs from Mahina early in round 3. Lizzy wanted to continue, but Matt called for a stop to the match at the 6:08 mark, 95-43. round 4 went on as planned.



6 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E04 – (8) Mahina Zaltana vs. Lizzy London”

  1. Grem BHM Says:

    !! Mahina à la vie, à la mort !!

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Great debut from Lizzy. For a girl who doesn’t do anal or DP, she seems a tough cookie who will soon be handing out some hard punishment to less capable wrestlers than Mahina. Cute tits as well.

  3. arikh Says:

    totally agree. such a debut against last season’s rookie of the year don’t come easy. I would rank her even now above Jessie Cox and just slightly beneath Mahina.
    she has pure talent, without any training and with only strength and basic instincts. great future ahead of her.

    huepow, where is your rankings ? in times which the official rankings are coming slow and late their needed. I’m curious to see how you rank Lizzy…

  4. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    no change from my previous rankings. Cici Rhodes is probably good enough to crack the top 10, but I’m gonna wait until she has her second match, to see how far up I will rank her. by the end of the season, she will be within range of the top 5.

    01. AX
    02. DIA
    04. DARLING
    05. CHEYENNE
    06. BELLA
    07. RAIN
    08. MAHINA
    09. JESSIE COX
    12. IONA GRACE
    14. EMMA HAIZE

  5. Joe Says:

    I was very impressed with Lizzy London, and quite disappointed with Mahina. If this was Lizzy’s third match rather than her first, she’d have won. Also, Mahina needs to take RD4 lessons from Amber – shouting and saying fuck every third word isn’t necessary.

  6. pappu Says:

    i think thr shud be new rule in rd4, that is if the winner wants she can also fuck the ref, isis love

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