Master of Puppets Lego Stage Thingy Acquired

I was searching youtube for videos of Cliff Burton, for my post on the 25th anniversary of his passing. I stumbled across a link to a toy site that was carrying a replica model of Metallica’s stage set from the Master of Puppets aka Drunk on Ozzy tour from Spring 1986. even tho this is an officially licensed Metallica product, their Lego likenesses could’ve been more accurate. Cliff has the Misfits skull tattoo on his right shoulder. this is a pretty cool toy, and at a price tag of $20, it was right up my budget wheelhouse. if anyone knows where I can find a King Diamond Lego stage thingy from the Abigail tour in ’87, lemme know! or if they haven’t made one yet, I’ll pay someone $20 to make one.

Battery -> Master of Puppets -> For Whom The Bell Tolls -> Welcome Home (Sanitarium) -> Cliff solo -> The Four Horsemen -> Ride The Lightning -> Disposable Heroes -> Seek & Destroy -> Kirk solo -> Fade To Black -> Creeping Death -> Whiplash -> Am I Evil? -> Damage Inc.

Master of Puppets


One Response to “Master of Puppets Lego Stage Thingy Acquired”

  1. Clint Says:

    Great job!

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