Bold Ass NHL Predictions

the Philadelphia Flyers will win the Stanley Cup, by defeating the Vancouver Canucks! it’s not that I have any inkling that they actually will, but they were the first team that popped into my head, when I was talking with a friend about the season (which starts tonite)

as a Caps fan, u go into each season hoping for the best, and expecting the worst. playoff collapses are pretty much synonymous with this team. so much talent, and they haven’t even gotten to the Stanley Cup Finals yet. I thought they should’ve fired Bruce Boudreau, after they were swept by Tampa Bay in the second round last season. when will Leonsis finally say division titles aren’t good enough?!?

Boston is looking to repeat, which is damn near impossible in the era of free agency and salary caps. Pittsburgh will be a contender, once they get Malkin and Crosby back in the lineup. the Rangers will only go as far as Lundqvist can take them. same can be said for Ryan Miller in Buffalo.

Vancouver and Detroit are the only two with a legit shot to make it out of the West. Chicago is on it’s way back, after losing a handful of stars, that helped win them the Cup in 2010. San Jose is like the Caps of the Western Conference: gonna put up somewhere in the area of 110 points, gonna crash out of the playoffs in the first two rounds.

01. Washington (SE)
02. Philadelphia (A)
03. Boston (NE)
04. NY Rangers
05. Pittsburgh
06. Montreal
07. Buffalo
08. Tampa Bay

01. Vancouver (NW)
02. Detroit (C)
03. San Jose (P)
04. Chicago
05. Los Angeles
06. Calgary
07. Anaheim
08. Dallas


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