Ultimate Surrender – S9E05 – (9) Jessie Cox vs. Kaylee Hilton

Jessie “The Cheerleader” Cox is back for her third season. the hard work she has put in on both the singles and the tag circuit is paying off. she ended last season with a loss in the second round to Cheyenne Jewel. Jessie is making steady progress up the ladder, and is closing in on that upper mid-card status.

Kaylee “The Comet” Hilton makes her Ultimate Surrender debut. she asked Matt if she could wrestle, so that automatically gets her a coupla bonus points in my book. she is a scrappy young thing, with a “bring it on” kind of attitude. if you’ve seen her shoot for Bound Gangbangs, then u know she can take the punishment.

Jessie dominated Kaylee from the outset, just like any seasoned veteran should, when facing a noob. Jessie had her way with Kaylee, locking her in brutal scissor submissions, headlocks, and grapevines. she rolled Kaylee up in a school boy to do maximum damage with an impressive fingering technique. Jessie left no holes barred in round 4, fucking Kaylee in both the pussy and the ass. Jessie vibed Kaylee with a hitachi, forcing multiple orgasms out of her. she then dragged her over, so she could taste some authentic man meat. I would rather they bring back Isis to fuck the loser, than watching some dude get blown. just my two cents.

wanna give u guys a heads-up, Cheyenne Jewel will be live at our HQ next week! we are very excited to once again meet up with her. I will ask what her plans are for the new season, as well as what was up with her return match against Cece Stone. keep watching this space…

1a. ARIEL X (1-0)
07. RAIN DEGREY (1-0)
09. JESSIE COX (1-0)
10. HOLLY HEART (0-1)

11. CICI RHODES (0-1)
12. IONA GRACE (1-0)
13. LIZZY LONDON (0-1)
15. EMMA HAIZE (0-1)

Jessie Cox


3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E05 – (9) Jessie Cox vs. Kaylee Hilton”

  1. arikh Says:

    yesterday (monday), Tia Ling made her comeback with 2 matches in one day.
    Tia Ling vs Lizzy London
    Tia Ling vs Lyla Storm

    Isis was the referee in the 2nd match (don’t know about the 1st). that is a mini comeback, as Isis wasn’t the referee since took this back in the SV.

    it won’t be much of a spoiler to say who won in these two matches…

  2. Joe Says:

    After watching the new round 5, my reaction was “what’s the point?” All that drama on the forums for a three minute blowjob? Jessie spent longer using the hitachi on Kaylee in round 4! Do they really think they’ll encourage more people to sign up now because there’s a very brief B/G scene at the end? It’s utterly pointless and I’ll be surprised if it lasts a season.

    *rant over*

    Kaylee was better than I expected. She’s like a not-quite-as-hot Samantha Sin.

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    I also disagree with the need for Rd5. It is clearly designed to humiliate and may put off losing wrestlers. If they have to, there’s no need for the cock gobbling, they should have the guy wanking himself off in the background during Rd4 before striding over at the opportune moment, yanking the loser into a kneeling position by her hair, saying “Look at me loser bitch ho” before squirting the jizz into her eyes. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t love to do it.

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