National Week of Slack Concludes

took a brief hiatus, where I spent many a nite writing material with my west coast comedy partner. having him read said material, and saying it wasn’t up to par. I showed him tho, b/c they made the mistake of letting me do stand-up during an open mic nite. more on that next week. during the day, I would sit around on a laptop writing down ideas, watching cartoons, listening to a coupla mp3 discs I made, and most importantly, drinking a 1-Liter bottle of Grey Goose. normally, I don’t go for the super premium stuff, but I was on vacation, so I wanted to splurge. I’ll never forget the time my friend came back from one of his commercial auditons and asked me “are u drinking already? it’s only 11 AM!” and I was like, “but I’m on East Coast time, brah!” LA, I fuckin’ love it!

I was joined on Wednesday at IGRO HQ by two very special guests. this was essentially the follow-up to our King Diamond Appreciation Day back in July. we’ll have a full report on those festivities coming next week.

so yeah, I feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to go back to blogging on a regular basis. as always, thx for reading! be back tomorrow with a recap of this week’s Ultimate Surrender update: Mahina “Freezing Moon” vs. Sofia Lauryn…

Bob Dobbs

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