Ultimate Surrender – S9E06 – (8) Mahina Zaltana vs. Sofia Lauryn

the future of Ultimate Surrender is now, and who better to represent it, than last season’s rookie of the year, Mahina “Freezing Moon” Zaltana. she has a passion for the sport, the stuff of which legends are made. her tireless work effort and constant training are paying off. her second match of season 9 would yield similar results as her previous one.

after making her way up the Kink ladder from cam girl to trainee on The Training of O to a few other sites, Sofia Lauryn, aka “The Leopard” makes her debut at Ultimate Surrender. at 5’7″ 145, Sofia certainly has the size to compete, but it will take time for her to develop a skillset, to go along with her impressive physique.

Mahina has won four of the last five matches, dating back to Summer Vengeance. she gave up 6″ and 20 lbs. in her match with Sofia. but in the end, it was the age-old adage of experience trumping size. Mahina is developing a nice fingering technique, to complement her wrestling skills. Sofia hit a triple-digit point total, but chalk this one up as a learning experience. Mahina wins 426-145.

we got the inside scoop from Cheyenne Jewel on why her return match with Cece Stone didn’t take place. they cancelled the match b/c Cheyenne had bruises on her ass. we saw the photos, and while the bruises are noticeable, it shouldn’t have prevented her from competing. as she put it “what does that have to do with wrestling?” both girls were confused as to why they were scheduled for a rematch, in the first place. as of press time, Matt had not contacted Cheyenne for another match. in the meantime, she will be working for WeBringIt in November. I learned something new, b/c Cheyenne told me that AX is co-owner of WBI.

so with Cheyenne not scheduled anytime soon, no word yet on when Abby Aldrich might wrestle, and Dragon Lily retired, Matt is saying that AX (1-0 this season, with a match vs. Lyla Storm they have yet to post) and Dia Zerva may be out for the season. when you’re talking about missing the last three Summer Vengeance champions, I don’t think there’s anyone that’s worthy to hold that #1 ranking. with all due respect to the women currently competing at Ultimate Surrender, we are disbanding our rankings until further notice.

Freezing Moon


2 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E06 – (8) Mahina Zaltana vs. Sofia Lauryn”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Dia Zerva is scheduled to visit the UK again in December. Any women interested in taking her in a US-style challenge match, please post here.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      AX wrote yesterday about her wrestling trip to the UK. no word on whether she won her matches (one of them was a mixed match) I’d be willing to bet she won them all. she also has new pictures of her breast implants. the sexiest woman in lesbian sexfighting, just got a little bit sexier. check out her blog, it’s a good read.

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