Area Couple Communicates Using Samples From A Rammstein Remix

hot off another vacation, I ventured on over to my Best Male Mate’s house on Friday nite. we ate Burger King. I noticed there was a male cashier who liked asking female customers “want a spoon?” even if they had no use for one. oh, the double entendre put a smile on my face. seriously tho, he never asked a male patron, only females. I had a Whopper Jr. onion rings, and a Coke. I later purchased a Hershey pie, which I saved for later…with sexy results. after Wrath was finished chastizing me for overspending on my meal, we headed back to watch some shows.

Wrath told the story of that time he and Storm had a conversation where they used sound effects used in a remix of a Rammstein song. Storm said “WOO” and Wrath said “EEP” or something like that. it was the shortest, most satisfying conversation, they ever had.

I showed off some of my recent photography, and the keen eye of Storm von MagicMist observed that not only am I a blogger/comedian/photographer, but I’m also into botany. she noted that I had a plant hanging in my window, and that it was healthy! FUCK YEAH, I’M A BOTANIST!!!

SOUTH PARK Last of the Meheecans: GAWDAMNIT, I LOVE BUTTERS! the gang plays Texans vs. Mexicans, and Butters gets lost. mistaken for an actual Mexican, he inadvertently starts a reverse immigration trend, and becomes a hero in Mexico. Butters becomes homesick, and tries to re-enter America, much to the chagrin of Cartman.


we also watched the Comedy Central documentary of South Park “Six Days To Air” which chronicles Matt & Trey’s creative process of making their “Human CentiPad” following their successful Broadway run with “The Book of Mormon” a small victory for me, as there was some trepidation on the part of Wrath von MagicMist, when I asked him if he wanted to watch it. damn if it didn’t take us two hours to watch that sumbitch.

but getting back to the doc, it was all about Matt & Trey. the other writers Bill Hader (SNL) and Vernon Chatman (PFFR) interview segments involved them talking about Matt & Trey. any time they were shown writing, it would always be Matt or Trey saying the joke, and maybe someone else might try to do their own impression of them. otherwise, all they did was laugh. this got me thinking if there’s such a job as professional laugher. either way, I no longer think as highly of Bill Hader as I did before watching this. we also saw a dude in the doc, who looked like Thu Tran.

Wrath said that he should forward the clip to Thu, but then he came up with his own burn by saying that she would probably reply “u must think all Asians look alike.”

male Thu

Wrath & Storm were going camping the following day, so Wrath was talking about viewing life as Tetris. I forget what the exact setup was but I believe I said something to the effect of “and all this time I’ve just been masturbating!” that was the best joke I told all nite, causing me to think about that Seinfeld episode where George is always trying to go out on a high note.

we watched some Food Party outtakes. even tho it’s been off the air for over a year now, it’s still the gift that keeps on giving. I have no idea how to describe what we watched, only b/c the Hurricane mixed drink I had was starting to hit. if you’re familiar with the show, yeah, it’s kinda like that!

there was a new Office. I’ve only watched maybe a dozen episodes, but every one has been really good. Andy Bernard throws a party to show off for his parents. the rest of the office thinks it’s a joke, and start goofing on him. Andy’s parents are unimpressed. his father starts to rip on him, while also heaping praise on Andy’s brother. seeing Andy humiliated, the rest of the office gets bummed, so they make Andy feel better, by giving him some praise.

we watched a Depeche Mode video, directed by Eric Wareheim. the song is “Hole To Feed” the video is four ppl on stage (not DM) lip-synching to the song, while ppl in the audience are making out. it’s a weird video, but if you’re familiar with Tim & Eric, then u probably already knew that.

I dunno if I’ve already addressed this topic on my blog, but this much I know is true:
I love these bands, and anyone who is even vaguely familiar with both of them can not deny this needs to happen. it should be one of those scientific truths. I guesstimated that of the ppl who frequent the message boards of those bands, more Ween fans are also more likely to be King Diamond/Mercyful Fate fans than vice versa. I used to be pretty popular on the Ween Forum from like 2004-2006.


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  1. Clint Says:

    BTW — you captured more of the night than usual in your reviews. Great job! THis makes me remember stuff that I forgot.

  2. JOURNAL: HANGING OUT: John The Canadien’s summary of hanging out last week « Clint's blog Says:

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