…And Suddenly, A New Challenger Arises

I returned to work on Monday to find out that two of my friends quit while I was gone. no sooner had I gotten past the bullshit pleasantries with my manager, than it was time to play “throw Persie under the bus” I keep getting these hints that they REALLY want me to leave. first thing I hear is that the numbers were up while I was gone. next thing I hear is that they can’t find any proof that I’m selling any product. I guess that’s my fault for not hand-delivering the duplicate receipts I’ve been printing out after every transaction.

there’s been a new regime in place for a month now, and it’s pretty clear that they would just as soon fire everyone at that store, and start over. they are all about the bottom line, fuck it, if I don’t give my customers the best support I can. one of the new managers had the audacity to criticise me to my manager, without giving me the benefit of pulling me aside beforehand, to let me know about whatever it was she thought I was doing wrong. that puts her on my shitlist. from now on, any time she wishes to address me, I will zone her the fuck out. I just wanna know how u can be a manager at any level, and have zero leadership skills. at the very least, a manager is supposed to be able to effectively communicate the state of business. hell, she can’t even do that.

they want me to walk around with a fucking dossier, and have customers fill out forms about their purchase. they’re buying a $100 pocket camera, not applying for a second mortgage. then while I was helping a lady with an SLR camera, my manager found time to chastize me for not helping another customer with an ipod. well, if we had mutha fuckin’ sales associates who were properly zoned, we wouldn’t have a customer “disappointed” b/c he had to wait 5 minutes for someone to help him.

my manager is a cool guy, but it’s no fun to work for him. on the other hand, I realize that he’s getting a ton of pressure from his bosses. if I give them my two weeks notice, it would just make things more stressful and awkward, and would also require me to do a lot of “oh u were right, I just can’t hack it anymore.” I don’t owe that company shit, and since I don’t have an association with any of the new managers, I would just as soon walk out on them, much the same way my two friends already have. my manager goes on vacation in a coupla weeks, so maybe I’ll do it then…

I shredded the certificate they gave me for 5 years of dedicated service, and pawned the cheap-ass watch. both of which I find to be extremely hollow tokens of appreciation. how about give me something tangible, like a decent raise and at least the hope I can advance within the confines of your shitty operation.

on the bright side, there was this super hot MILF that came in to buy a camera. she already has a Nikon D90, but told me that she considered the Canon Rebel T2i. after I raved about the T2i, and asked if I could take some pictures of her feet, she bought a Nikon S9100. so yeah, overall, it was an expectedly shitty day at work. it’s great to be back!



2 Responses to “…And Suddenly, A New Challenger Arises”

  1. Clint Says:

    Bummer man. :/

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      thx mang, but that job has run it’s course. I’ll be much better off when I finally do leave. plus, I got three other projects I’m working on. it’s time I start doing something that I’ll actually enjoy! šŸ™‚

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