Ultimate Surrender – S9E07 – Holly Heart vs. Audrey Rose

Holly Heart gets her second match of the season, looking to rebound from her week 1 loss to Rain DeGrey. as she works her way back into the mid-card picture, she draws a noob this week, in an effort to shake off any lingering ringrust. it’s only a matter of time before she gets her endurance back up to par.

Audrey “The Thorn” Rose is quickly becoming one of the favourite go-to models on Kink. she has already made a name for herself on various sister sites. she likes the outdoors, a rugged individual with a well-toned physique, built for the pacing of Ultimate Surrender.

two girls with similar size and stature, but this is another case of experience winning out. Audrey put up a good effort, but couldn’t hang with Holly for the entire 24. Holly took control with leg-scissors, headlocks, and some good old-fashioned finger-fucking. a final score of 415-28. in addition to being fucked by Holly in round 4, Audrey is also forced to go down on Matt. I thought this was supposed to be a separate d/l???

Gia DiMarco and Lyla Storm took on Serena Blair and Emma Haize in last nite’s live tag team contest. I’ll defer to arikh for the details. if I had to guess, I’d say Gia and Lyla won by less than 100.


3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E07 – Holly Heart vs. Audrey Rose”

  1. arikh Says:

    huepow, I did get to watch the tag team live last night…


    before the match started I was very uncertain about the matchups.
    Lyla was a big question mark, especially against Emma. I believed Serena has the advantage over Gia.

    Lyla and Emma started round 1, the bigger (5’8” , 120 lbs) Lyla got the advantage over Emma, who rushed the tag for Serena.
    as expected, Emma often rushed the tags, even against Lyla.
    she was much less time on the mat than Lyla, and pretty much avoided facing Gia.

    Serena had the advantage over Lyla in their 1 on 1, but she had trouble holding her still.
    surprisingly (to me, atleast), Serena got dominated by Gia over and over in the 1st and 2nd rounds.
    in the Lyla vs Emma matchup, Lyla had the advantage, though not many pts got out of that, as they were mostly rolling and flipping each other.

    Gia and Lyla were much better in the 1 on 1, but somehow Serena and Emma scored more during the 2 on 1, which kept them only 50~ pts from Gia’s team by the end of the 1st round.

    this forumulla continued, but Serena’s team got the lead of 50~ pts by the end of the 2nd round.

    the 3rd round, Gia started against Emma, which should have given her team big advantage. Gia got Emma in a hold but she tagged Serena before Gia got to score many pts. by the end of the 2 on 1, Serena had Gia in a hold, which made her tag Lyla in.
    that was a mistake, Gia should have fought Serena by herself, as she already proven to have the advantge over her.
    instead of Gia vs Emma, they got Lyla vs Serena, so the pts started racking toward Serean’s team again.

    the match ended with about 100 pts margin for Serena and Emma(1050~ : 950~)!

    the main difference, which gave Serena’s team this win, is the fact that their weak link was very little time on the mat, something like 75% – Serena, 25% – Emma, while Gia and Lyla were pretty much even in their time on the mat.

    beside the wrestling stuff, Gia was even hotter than usual!! she wore makeup and changed her hairstyle. no need to mention her super toned body and ofcourse, her hipnotizing tits.

    probably considering Serena and Emma have little experience of domming and strapon fucking, Isis and Princess Donna took over the punishment in round 4. personally, I don’t like the fact they pushed the winners to the side. ho, but they made Gia squirt and fisted her. Isis even moved her around the mat while her fist is stuck in Gia’s pussy, like a hand puppet.

    next tag team, according to Holly Heart is:
    Holly Heart & Kaylee Hilton
    Jessie Cox & Katie Summers

    “battle of the blondes”, I guess.
    I’m with Holly and Kaylee, though watching Kaylee getting fucked is a real treat.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    outstanding reporting, arikh! it sounds like their inexperience with the format, and mismanagement of tags, may have been Gia and Lyla’s undoing. BUTT, to see Gia getting worked over by Donna and Isis is a sight not to be missed. Gia’s ass is spectacular!

    I’m not sure who Katie Summers is. hopefully, we get to see her on the singles circuit. I’ll take Jessie and Katie over Holly and Kaylee by 75 points.

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