China, IL: Hulk Hogan’s Best Role Since Suburban Commando

let’s talk about Hulk Hogan. not the washed-up wrestler with his three moves, who’s been past his prime for the last 20+ years, who walks around with a do-rag and calls everyone “BROTHER!” no, let’s talk about Hulk Hogan, the voice actor, on a late-nite animated show that airs on basic cable.

China, IL is an animated show on [adult swim] about life on campus at the worst university in America. the episode I watched centered around two scientists who start fooling around in a lab. they accidentally spill some chemicals on an embryo causing it to grow into a giant baby. with the death toll in the hundreds, the campus debates on what to do about their baby boom. one professor is selling the baby’s blood to blood banks to stay out of debtor’s prison. once that dries up, he plans to kill it, only to be confronted by his brother, who is the baby’s father. they inject the baby with another shot, hoping to reverse the process, but it causes the baby to grow into a 90 year-old adult. the rapid growth, coupled with the lack of time the brain has had to properly develop, has left the man in a catatonic state. they have no choice but to pour acid in his ears, and roll his body into the ocean, BROTHER!!!

this show has a Liquid Television vibe to it. Vernon Chatman (PFFR) was listed as a Consulting Producer on this particular episode. Hulk Hogan plays the Dean. Jason Alexander was listed in the credits (altho I didn’t recognize his voice) Tommy Blacha (Metalocalypse) Andy Richter, and Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development) also appeared. I’m gonna hafta put this into my heavy rotation…

netflix: 5/5
imdb: 10/10

China, IL


China, IL



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  1. Clint Says:

    I’m off to “like” it on Facebook now.

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