It Takes A Pot-Smoking Transient To Raise A Widowed Father And His 12 Year-Old Masochist Son

apparently, I already wrote a review of Hesher. even more shockingly, I saw it in the theatre…with a date, FRITATA! here’s some notes I made after watching it a second time over the weekend:

Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a transient who moves in with a recently-widowed father, and his son, after the son gets him forced out of the abandoned house he was squatting in. Paul Forney (Rainn Wilson) loses his wife in a car accident. he becomes depressed, quits his job at Dunder Mifflin, and grows a beard. his son TJ, is one-part masochist, and one-part dumbass. he gets hit by a car while riding his bike; flips his bike while riding thru a construction site; has his head dunked in a toilet; wants to spend $1900 for the totaled car his mother died in; walks in on his “crush” getting fucked by Hesher; has a few run-ins with a bully; Hesher sees the bully laying into TJ, but does nothing. Hesher runs TJ over in his van; TJ also enjoys being spit on and farted on. Natalie Portman plays the cashier that TJ has a crush on. she would’ve gotten the money from him to pay her parking tickets, if she wasn’t such a gawdamn whore! Grandma is trying to keep the family together, but the stress eventually gets to her.

if u like 1980s Metallica, then you’ll love the soundtrack: Fight Fire With Fire, Anesthesia, Battery, Motorbreath, and The Shortest Straw, are all played during the movie.

some of my favourite scenes:
Hesher and TJ go to the bully’s house. Hesher sets fire to the bully’s car, and leaves TJ behind.
Hesher, TJ, and Nicole (Portman) go to this empty house. they jump in the pool, but then Hesher goes crazy, setting the diving board on fire and then throwing all the lawn furniture in the pool.
TJ and Hesher are trailing Nicole, when she gets into an accident. it is clearly her fault, but Hesher bullies the other driver into leaving. it was kinda funny when they shot that scene, b/c they had both lanes of traffic blocked, and u could see cars in the distance backing up and turning around. they could’ve spent more time, but they probably didn’t have the budget for it.
TJ buys Nicole an ice cream. as he leaves, Nicole turns to watch, and it’s here that Wrath claims “her inner pedophile awoke.”

ET MEETS SLC PUNK! the humour in this movie is dark and hilarious, almost Seinfeldian in nature. some of the funniest scenes are with Hesher and Grandma (Piper Laurie) u may remember her as the cold-hearted real estate tycoon, Catherine Martell, from Twin Peaks.

moral of the story: homeless anarchists make for entertaining houseguests



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