An Evening With Cheyenne Jewel & Nyssa Nevers

two weeks ago, I had the privilege of working with two of my favourite people:

Cheyenne Jewel – first contacted her in March, shortly after she debuted on Ultimate Surrender. when we needed someone to refer to Isis Love as the Goddess of Sodomy, during a match, Cheyenne was there. we met up with her in Vegas on King Diamond Appreciation Day, where we filmed a training session with her, Ariel X, and Dragon Lily. no sooner had I returned from Vegas, than I was already planning another shoot.

Nyssa Nevers – I’ve known her since 2003. two years ago, we invaded the Armory, to attend an Ultimate Surrender match. if u check out the October 2009 tag team match (Nov. 27, 2009 update) u can see us on the left end of the front row. we spent the next day in Haight-Ashbury, and to top it off, we saw Skinny Puppy on our final nite in San Fran!

as a novice director, I had plenty of ideas on how I hoped the shoot would turn out. well, it exceeded my wildest expectations. Howard Stern once said that back when he was doing his tv show on WOR, any time he ran out of ideas for a sketch, he would throw a midget in the scene, and hilarity would ensue. I take a similar approach, if u replace sketch comedy, with G/G foot worship, and midget, with strap-on dildo.

Cheyenne was first to arrive. we spent a few minutes talking about Ultimate Surrender. I said that I would continue putting her over in the forums, and she thanked me for my support. Nyssa showed up about 10 minutes later, and then it was time to get to work.

I would give them a general idea of what I wanted, and they did the rest. Nyssa brought a strap-on. it was bigger than I was expecting, but I’m glad we were able to incorporate it into the shoot. Nyssa and Cheyenne had never met before, but they hit it off immediately. it was a real thrill to capture the chemistry they had on camera. we didn’t have a script, but they did a great job improvising as they went along. sometimes, they would offer suggestions for positions or shooting angles, and I would just be like “yeah, that sounds good!”

in between sessions, we spent time chatting it up about the biz. I found out there’s such a thing as a fake enema! I also learned there’s a “kill fee” paid when a director has footage that he deems “unusable” fortunately, I didn’t have that problem. Claire Adams name came up, and I mentioned that her match against Alexa Von Tess on US, is one of my all-time favourites. Sister Dee’s name also came up, and that’s when I heard she was no longer working with Topgrl. if I’m not mistaken, Dee did a shoot with Isis for wiredpussy a few years ago. Nyssa and Cheyenne mentioned working with PD (from Hardtied, Infernal Restraints) and there was some talk about a guy who’s an x-rated hypnotist. we watched short clips of Xavier: Renegade Angel, Slayer’s performance at 2010 Sonisphere, and Return of the Living Dead. I use the pic I took of Isis, Hollie Stevens, Vendetta from the first time I attended a US match in July 2009, as the background on my PS3, which made for a great conversation piece.

I shot 45 minutes of video and 260 photos. we broke the shoot into three segments. each girl took turns in a dominant position. girl 1 sitting on bed, has girl 2 remove her boots, worship her feet. there was a strap-on involved, with some fellatio. third shoot involved the girls enjoying each other’s feet, in a few different positions. Nyssa sat on the small of Cheyenne’s back, in a sort of modified Boston Crab. the other position was a modified tribbing.

in addition to thanking Cheyenne and Nyssa for turning in a hella awesome shoot, I would also like to extend special thanks to Wrath & Storm von MagicMist for their continued support, and to Wrath for the excellent work he’s doing to edit the photos and video I shot.

I was using a Canon Rebel T2i with an 18-55 mm lens. I recorded on a 32 GB PNY Class 10 SDHC card. the photos were shot at 8 MP, while the video was shot at 640×480 60 FPS. it would’ve been nice to shoot in 720p, but due to size and practicality, I went with the lower resolution. for instance, the smallest video was right around 10 minutes, but still over 1 GB in size.

Nyssa said she would be in town for the entire month of December, so I hope to work with her then. Cheyenne said she would be back in the area in February. I told her my birthday is on the 22nd. Dia Zerva was also in the area, but due to time and budgetary constraints, I could only book two models. when it was all said and done, I couldn’t be happier with the end result!

keep watching this space for more pics in the coming weeks…

Cheyenne and Nyssa
Cheyenne Jewel meets Nyssa Nevers

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