Ultimate Surrender – S9E08 – Ariel X vs. Lyla Storm – AX: First, Always & Forever

Ariel X serves up another gem in her swan song, before she went in for her boob job. Lyla Storm had the pleasure of being dismantled by the Whole Fuckin’ Show of Ultimate Surrender. the AX woman shows no mercy for the noob, who was making her US debut. AX left it all out on the mat, showcasing her entire arsenal in one final blowout match. headlocks, grapevines, body-scissors, modified backbreakers. some folks called it an overstatement, when I said AX was the greatest of all-time, but they’re wrong! two-time Summer Vengeance champion, hasn’t lost a regular season match in almost five years. defeated Dia Zerva in two of their three heads-up matches. ‘NUFF SAID! be sure to check out AX blog to see pics of her spectacular new rack. we’ll keep the homefires burning for AX until the day she makes her return to the Armory…

in other news, it appears as tho Cheyenne Jewel may not be returning this season. a travesty of epic proportions if this stems from the cancellation of her rematch with Cece Stone. this means that the top 6 wrestlers from last season are either on hiatus, retired, or have yet to be scheduled for a match. is there anyone else out there concerned with the lack of top-flight wrestlers on the roster?



8 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E08 – Ariel X vs. Lyla Storm – AX: First, Always & Forever”

  1. Joe Says:

    Very concerned. On the forums Matt said the “elite” are Bella, Darling, Rain and Cheyenne. Rain is not an elite wrestler and if Cheyenne doesn’t come back, there will be 2 top tier wrestlers. Pretty soon, Jessie Cox will be counted as “elite” by default…

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      yeah, I agree with your assessment of Rain. she’s a good wrestler, but not good enough to beat any of the girls ranked ahead of her. I would put Tia Ling over Rain.

  2. Grem BHM Says:

    Lyla Storm looks very hot ! I’m not sure Jessie Cox would lose against Rain (my opinion).

    We had wrestlers like Ninja, The Pirate, Dia, Vendetta, Syd, Ariel, Darling … I can’t t wait to see who will manage to achieve this rank.
    The only good point is we would get less one-sided matches … I just hope newcomers will get some training for their safety and to achieve great moves.
    What could be great is a Royal Madness between active and non-active wrestlers !!

  3. GremBHM Says:

    I can’t believe it ! Isamar will wrestle Bella Rossi at U/S !!

    Wow wow wow !! You were concerned who was going to be the elite ? Now you have your answer !

    • arikh Says:

      happy about that step. with the losing of Dragon and Dia (and most probably Cheyenne who was offended by the claim of coming “bruises free” to shoots), we were lefted with only 3 real elite – Ariel, Darling and Bella.

      the other mid top girls, such as Rain, Holly, Tia and Mahina may or not become a future elite, but that’s only a future speculations.

      this is the logic step, bringing already made elite from other sites while continuing trying to raise US home made elites.

      Matt have stated in the forums that cause of this situation, there are some new “elite by deafult” such as Rain, Holly ect. and we’re going to see a lot of newbs this season.
      with that said, I was surprised to see Isamar was recruited.

      putting Isamar right against the finalist of last SV is another surprising act, elite vs elite during the season isn’t common. it’s a SV semi final or even final level.

      can’t wait to see how Isamar will adapt to US rules. hope Bella wins though and give her a good welcome.

  4. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Isamar will make a fine champion. she is the most coveted free agent on the market. her learning curve from Academy to US, should be pretty short. she will beat Bella by at least 100 points. there is no one on the current roster that is on the same level as Isamar. is it too early to call her the winner of Summer Vengeance ’12?

    • arikh Says:

      hey, Ariel should be back in few monthes, right before the next SV, doesn’t she ? so it’s way too early. the champ (x2) is still here!!

      • celticfrostedflakes Says:

        ok, Isamar is the champ, IF AX doesn’t come back this season. otherwise, AX to beat Isamar in the championship match 🙂

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