Ultimate Surrender – S9E09 – Isamar Gutierrez vs. Bella Rossi – From Academy, With Love

don’t let them hear u say Academy is scripted! for months, we heard the rumblings that Isamar Gutierrez was on her way to the Armory. no one has wrestled or won more matches at the Academy than Isamar. she has a lifetime record of 69-7, having already wrestled many girls who compete for Ultimate Surrender. her learning curve will be minimal, if anything. when AX says u are one of the best wrestlers she’s ever gone up against, then that’s all u really need to know!

I don’t wanna get into a whole debate about Academy vs. Ultimate Surrender, b/c it’s kinda like comparing apples to oranges. I am of the school of thought that it would be “easier” for a wrestler to transition from Academy to Ultimate Surrender, than vice versa. what do u guys think? in the comments section of my recap on last week’s match, I boldly predicted Isamar would beat Bella. I also said she was on a collision course with AX in the Summer Vengeance championship.

we can’t overlook Bella. a divisional champion, and the runner-up in last season’s Summer Vengeance, looked more impressive against Isamar, than she did in any of her SV matches. we give her full marks for putting up a helluva battle. this was one of the best matches US has ever had. here’s hoping we get a sequel next summer!

our sources are saying AX is aiming for a return to the ring in March. we are also hearing rumours that Dragon may not be done with Ultimate Surrender. she is still recovering from the injury she suffered in her 1/4 final match with Bella, but she is doing some light lifting. it could be a matter of a few months before she is cleared to compete again. we’ll keep u posted as events warrant…

insert hilarious sarcastic post from US members asking if this was a scripted match here…I keed, I keed!



6 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E09 – Isamar Gutierrez vs. Bella Rossi – From Academy, With Love”

  1. Grem BHM Says:

    Funny report. Yesterday night (EU time) Matt commented on kink forum about the “scripted match at the Academy” but then his answer got deleted (it was something like the wrestling isn’t scripted but the outcome is).

    I watched several of Isamar fights at the Academy. I was a bit concerned round 4 could have turn into a “love story”‘ rather than a humiliation (if you looked her match against Daisy Delarosa you’ll see what I mean).

    She defeated n°2 … and now ? Looking at Matt’s ranking (31st of Oct) Rain was 2nd, Holly in 3rd position. If Isamar has to face Rain, Holly or Mahina it will be a butcher work, wouldn’t it be ? Who else than Ariel or Dia have a decent chance to send La Diable back to Hell ?

    I would suggest a “Special Royal Madness”. Isamar vs n°4-5-6 (each girl would wrestle 2 rounds against her). That would be something !

  2. delpierothebest2007 Says:

    I made the first comment about “SCRIPTED” wrestler on the US website because Ive always known Academy isnt scripted. It was with as much sarcasm as Matt would have allowed in his forums about such a sensitive issue. Ariel X herself has written on the US forums Academy is the real thing, no outcome is scripted there. Matt always always discredits Academy and I think thats dishonest. For me both websites are amazing and I think its unfair to falsely discredit the other site. If Isamar had been dominated or lost by a wide margin, He would have bragged about it so much on the match description. “WELCOME LA DIABLA TO REAL WRESTLING” Im pretty sure he would have written. But since his best available wrestler got defeated he only said “The winner was decided by 15 points” on the match description. He had to swallow all his words with this result.

    About Isamar, if she defeated Bella on her first match, I really think things will just become better for her. There were times she could have gone for points but didnt because she didnt know the rules (like face licking). I dont see Bella beating her on a rematch on the summer vengeance. MAYBE and I said MAYBE only Darling could beat her. Maybe Isamar has a weakness for finger sin the pussy like Dragon? who knows… A match vs Ariel X would be very technical and low scoring just like agianst Bella, and for me its a toss up. If the match happened right now Ariel would win because of her experience on US rules, but give Isamar a few more matches an d it could be a whole different story.

  3. shawn Says:

    @celticfrostedflakes, thanks on dragon lily’s update

  4. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    @delpiero: I read your comment and got a good laugh from it, thank you! I completely agree with your assessment. Matt has sparked this whole “feud” by constantly insinuating that Academy is scripted. there is probably a decent amount of the membership who believed him. Darling is still upper-echelon, but I don’t think she could beat Isamar. unless someone like Dia returns, u might as well skip Summer Vengeance and have AX and Isamar wrestle a best-of-seven series.

    @Grem: love the idea of a special Royal Madness built around Isamar. they could have her wrestle six rounds against a different girl, and then she fucks the brains out of all of them. MAYBE she brings in Isis and Donna to help out. two girls for every girl!!!

    Matt should embrace the fact that Isamar came from Academy, and push her as a threat for the Summer Vengeance championship.

    @shawn: I was also glad to hear Dragon is planning to come back.

  5. Ringmaster Says:

    Great to see those brown buns bouncing as Isamar ploughed Bella’s cunt. Isamar also relished having her pussy licked by the loser. Looks like this hard-assed latina is going to enjoy punishing the gringo skanks on this site.

  6. salma Says:

    bella is so strong.. she upside down 69’s her oppenents like they weighed nothing! what a tough bitch!!

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