Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir Spends Bye Week Touching Each Other Inappropriately

to celebrate the halfway point of the NFL season, Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir General Manager, Clemens Van Der Kweef, hosted a lesbian sex orgy in the backyard of his grandmother’s brownstone in Bensonhoist, New York. flanked by two women he picked up outside of a White Castle in Greenpoint, Van Der Kweef addressed the media, reading from a prepared statement:

“on offense, our line did a great job of opening GAPING HOLES that lead to DEEP PENETRATING runs into the secondary. the success of the run game allowed us to throw plenty of DEEP BALLS which STRETCHED the secondary. on defense, our ENDS did a great job of applying BACKSIDE PRESSURE on opposing QBs. our front seven did an outstanding job of STUFFING THE BOX, leaving very few HOLES for opposing offenses to FILL…BEWBS!”

Van Der Kweef left with the two women, and without taking questions, saying that he was late for his prostate milking appointment.

the BLC run their vaunted 469 FLEXBONE offense

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