The Origin Of Why I Really Started Watching Squidbillies

don’t reckon I taint never not told the story whut made me so affinimatized with that show ’bout them talking hillbilly squids, so I guess I’ll tell it now.

back when I first done seen the show, I tweren’t much impressed in the least. it was one of those shows that was on my radar, but I only watched it occasionally. that all changed when I done sawed the episode whut where Dan Halen genetically engineered them turkeys whut had seven anuses and could defecate their own to go box. yep, twas the miracles of modern science, I tell u whut! well, I reckon I don’t need to tell u how hilarious a premise for an episode this was. Euterpe just happened to be watching with us, but she became so grossed out by the idea of a turkey whut could squirt salad dressing out of one it’s many asses, that she left the room. and so, that’s when I knew I should start watching this show on a regular basis. the season finale is this Sunday. here’s a recap of the last two episodes:

Early becomes addicted to a video poker machine, and ends up in a high-stakes game with Dan Halen

Dan Halen

Ga-Ga-Pee-Pap Cuyler returns to say his final goodbyes

Pee Paw

both episodes receive 4/5 and 9/10 on the netflix and imdb ratings scales, respectively.


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