Ultimate Surrender – S9E10 – Tia Ling vs. Lyla Storm

after almost a year-long hiatus, FINALLY, the pride and joy of Cleveland, Ohio, has come back to Ultimate Surrender! Tia Ling took some time off to have a kid, and came back, as if she never lost a step. the reigning queen of the cruiserweights is 5′ 100 lbs. but she can mix it up with a larger opponent with no problem. I just wanna add for any hardcore ass lovers like me, be sure to check out Tia’s scene with Asa Akira and Jules Jordan in Anal Delights

Lyla Storm is the noob with the most buzz this season. members are impressed with her attitude, and her expanding skillset. she clearly has what it takes to be a future champion. her first match was a trial by fire, at the hand of the Whole Fuckin’ Show. her tag team debut with Gia DiMarco produced less than desirable results, with a loss to Emma Haize and Serena Blair.

Lyla will hafta wait another time to get a more metal sounding nickname befitting of her surname. Tia gave up a 7″ height advantage, and 20 lb. weight advantage, and still managed to put the screws to Lyla. another case of experience winning out over size, as Tia worked Lyla over with a masterful fingering display thruout the match, that left her writhing in agony on the mat. round 4 brought us a first, as Tia fucked, fisted, and LACTATED on a beaten Lyla. the Goddess of Sodomy was the referee, but was not involved in any of the round 4 sexy fun time.

we heard from our good buddy, Bruce LaFleur, that Dia Zerva will be back at Ultimate Surrender. no timetable on exactly when, but I would expect to see her back in the spring. perhaps, to coincide with the return of AX?!?



2 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S9E10 – Tia Ling vs. Lyla Storm”

  1. arikh Says:

    * Tia still got one of the hottest bodies at US, even after a pregnancy! after Mahina gets more matches these season, it’s going to be a great matchup.

    * Lyla is nice, and she took her 2 welcome defeats bravely. but, I can’t yet say if she’s going to be a good wrestler. it’s way too early, her test will be from now on, most likely against less experienced girls than the first two (Ariel & Tia).
    I think the other rookies, such as Sofia, Audrey and Kaylee should be ranked above her, as for now.

    * about Dia, she just published on her blog that she’s leaving porn, including private sessions. so I don’t think we’ll see her again, sadly…


  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Full marks to Tia for winning and for lactating on the loser – a first for US. Would be good to get Tia into a tag contest while she’s still feeding so that we can have losers covered in a mix of love juice and milk.

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