Marquez Wuz Robbed

Velasquez-Dos Santos for the UFC World Heavyweight Championship turned out to be much ado about nothing. Dos Santos staggered Velasquez with an overhand right, before Cain succumbed to JDS’s ground-and-pound assault, as referee John McCarthy stopped the fight at the 1:04 mark of round 1. kinda ominous that Velasquez wore a shirt to the ring that said “Dethrone” on it considering he was the champion. Brock Lesnar was in the announce booth with Curt Menefee and UFC President, Dana White, saying that he wanted Velasquez to win, so he could get a rematch. Alistair Overeem was shown at ringside. if I’m putting money on Overeem-Lesnar on Dec. 30, I say Overeem will knock Lesnar out. the brevity of the Velasquez-Dos Santos fight exposes the only real problem with trying to market the sport to a mass audience, in that FOX devoted an hour of primetime programming to a fight that barely lasted a minute. would’ve liked to have seen at least one undercard fight make the network broadcast. either way, it was a pretty good first effort for UFC, after signing that seven-year deal.

Dos Santos

the third installment of Pacquiao-Marquez exceeded the hype. the first two fights were decided by a grand total of 1 point. I had Marquez winning 7 rounds to 5 (115-113), but the judges favoured Pacquiao with a majority decision. not sure if this has anything to do with ppl still believing that Pacquiao will eventually fight Floyd Mayweather on May 5…allegedly. so let the conspiracy theorists have at it. the controversial decision was followed by the most bizarre post-fight interview I’ve ever seen, as Max Kellerman interviewed Marquez, who was completely naked, except for the sombrero covering his dick.



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